Big Red Wave’s a coming.

Can you hear it? The faint but steadily increasing roar of a second big red Liberal wave about to crash on the shores of York South-Weston. After the excitement and dramatic results of the recent provincial election, all eyes will soon turn to the Federal Liberal York South-Weston nomination process. According to riding association president Ryan Ward, the Liberals are looking for a high profile candidate to unseat incumbent NDP MP Mike Sullivan. To date, three candidates have come forward; Anthony Cesario, Monique Rudder and Bill Saundercook. The nomination meeting will be held later this year.

In the interest of brevity, WestonWeb asked the candidates three questions:

1. What relevant life experience have you had that would serve you well as an MP for York South-Weston?

2. What do you see as the main issues in the riding?

3. Do you live in the riding?

Weston Web will publish the answers once they come in.

14 thoughts on “Big Red Wave’s a coming.”

  1. I hope Mike stays on…..Lying liberals will give you nothing other than tax increases and than squander the money. Mike has been decent considering he is in opposition. Looking back at Alan Tonks long and unproductive reign isn’t something we should go back to. Surprised Alan isn’t planning on running again, since Trudeau Hair seems to be gaining traction with voters.

  2. After having recently been accused of turning WestonWeb into a Mike Sullivan blog, I regard your comment as the highest praise possible. Thank you.

  3. Roy may not know this — research doesn’t seem his strong suit — but there was a fourth candidate contesting the Liberal nomination: A young, gay, Aboriginal man who actually lives in YSW. He had a very vigorous campaign going and was signing up plenty of members. But he was instructed by Trudeau’s minions to drop out. So much for a new, inclusive Liberal party. No thanks . . .

  4. @RM – I can assure you that here at WestonWeb our research department is second to none, humming with activity from morning till night (cue sound of ancient typewriters in background).
    I had included the ‘fourth candidate’ in the article until Ryan Ward told me he had withdrawn his candidacy. I’m assuming you mean Mr Kerlinger and I hope you asked permission before outing him. I’ll certainly contact him and Ryan Ward for a reaction but the story so far is about the Liberal nominee. Any further details you may wish to supply however will be gratefully received.

  5. I would have thought TDSB trustee Chris Tonks who lives in the riding would have run for the nomination.

  6. Interesting use of groundless innuendo, RM. Does this storybook candidate have a name? Young, gay, aboriginal, which of these three eliminated him as a potential liberal candidate? Youth? As Justin is himself relatively young, in comparison to the two wrinklies he’s running against, I assume this isn’t it. Aboriginal, again probably not, Yvonne Jones liberal mp is Métis and Justin hasn’t yet tried to oust her from his caucus. Could it be the gay factor? Justin’s homophobia was well hidden during the recent gay pride activities in Toronto. There he was proudly walking with Kathleen Wynn, shaking hands and hugging people, while Thomas Mulcair stayed uncomfortably bolted to the NDP float, and Stephen Harper was no where in sight.

    Nice try RM.

  7. I’m pretty sure he’s not actually aboriginal. For example – Just because you like “black” culture it doesn’t make you black. I would ask for a status card.

    @RM – No one knows why he dropped out and considering you are clearly not a liberal insider, I am sure neither do you. Maybe his credit was no good – who knows? There are lots of steps to the application I am sure and there should be. Don’t we want our potential representatives to be accountable and good citizens? I think yes.

    Weston Web is clearly biased and everyone knows that BUT it is your right to be – it is a blog, not a legitimate newspaper and I read it to keep up with whats going on in my hood. But do keep in mind who just won the recent election with a huge margin – clearly there are more liberals in Weston then you care to acknowledge.

    I re-read this piece and I really don’t think it’s a fluff piece at all. It’s factual and if anything reads more like a warning then any kind of endorsement. Good work~

  8. You shouldn’t speculate why he dropped out Sarah. Implying someone isn’t a good citizen or accountable is totally inappropriate. I don’t know him, we just don’t know what happened. All I know is have never heard of the other 3 candidates and they have no profile.. Mike Sullivan is doing more in this riding than the previous MP ever did.

  9. I wasn’t trying to speculate, I said I have no idea why he dropped out and that there are lots of steps to the application as there should be.

    What exactly has Mike Sullivan done? I’m serious I would like to know. Any money or programs that comes into Weston is from one of the three levels of government and has nothing to do with him. All he seems to do is complain. Please enlighten me.

    Btw Saundercook used to be a councillor but that’s all I know.

  10. Surely the Libs can find someone who lives in riding. It should be a law that representation must be from within the riding.

  11. Sarah excellent point about Sullivan. I have noticed that anytime a Weston Web post deals with anything political the names of either Paul Ferreira or Mike Sullivan magically appear. The sad reality is that this dynamic duo has done little for the Weston part of YSW. If the Mr. Sullivan wants to do something positive for this area, he could begin by diminishing the urban blight that is Lawrence and Weston by improving the appearance of his constituency office.

  12. Mike is a fine individual and is fighting and gets results for all residents. Ask the many folks he has helped. I remember calling and emailing Alan and getting NO RESPONSE. Finally when Alan did call me back he brushed me off. Alan did nothing more than simply wait to be able to collect a pension. Granted though I will admit that Mike’s office location was a terrible decision. Why Mike chose to locate off a main street and in Weston has always confused me. Really it indeed is an ugly office.

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