Bike licensing up for debate

Here’s an idea: take something everyone has loved since childhood: an activity that is wonderful, fun, cheap, good for the community and the environment—and charge people to do it. But don’t stop there: get the cops off of the crime beat. Get them ticketing people on bikes—and make every kid on wheels fear the cops.

City Council will consider bike licensing again next week. They’ve already considered it thrice in the past, rejecting it each time on the grounds that

  • Each license would cost as much as a bike
  • Kids ride bikes
  • The city does not have the jurisdiction
  • Cops have better things to do
  • It doesn’t reduce poor cycling
  • It discourages something great



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Bike licensing up for debate”

  1. Police already have the power to issue tickets to scofflaw cyclists. The money that would come from licensing cyclists would not come close to covering the bureaucracy of maintaining the system. And what about bicycles that cross the city’s border?

  2. I think licensing is a good idea for adults because it should make people more accountable and could raise money for the city. The number of adults I have seen breaking traffic laws and cycling dangerously downtown is disturbing. The problem is mostly downtown but there is no way to enforce licenses downtown only I don’t think.

  3. Bikes some years ago where licensed – those that rode on the sidewalks interfering with walkers or weaved in and out of traffic etc., could be reported for like cars they had a registered license. Both cars and bikes seemed to respect each other and both respected the laws. When bikes no longer needed a license slowly over the years the respect on both parties has deteriorated.

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