Bike planning

The city has announced some new bike routes to be approved at City Countil this week (a measly 2.4 km in the whole city). York South–Weston won’t be getting any new routes, as was expected. The bike plan didn’t call for any.

However, the city has started consultation on plans to close the Humber Gap—the infernal missing link in the multi-use path north of Cruickshank Park.

A few readers had asked whether the construction on the path is part of that plan. Not so. I believe it is sewer work.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Bike planning”

  1. Presently, you can still access the bike path at Cardelle ave, although it’s looking a bit Napoleonic. The drain work starts again up at Pine Point with work extending to the branch of the bike path which goes uphill to Caufield Rd (Rexdale Plaza).

  2. You know, it’s a lovely ride – up toward Humber College, etc.

    And, not too difficult to access even now (as long as you stay on a sidewalk or two, for a tad).

    But, just the thought of another ride north & west on that path – sucking in all those exhaust fumes cycling near & under the 4o1, just steps to the 400?

    Southbound is sweeter.

    (Keep that N95, at hand for a bit.)

  3. It’s sewer rehabilitation, according to the sign, and will be “completed June 2022,” and we know what building end-dates mean.

    Part of the landscape for quite a while … going south is much better!

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