Bikes being stolen at Weston Station

Bikes are being stolen at the new Weston GO station, according to a tipster. She says that almost all the bikes have been taken over the past few weeks, and that even beat-up bikes are disappearing. Hers was taken, too.

Many residents of the village now ride to the Weston station for their commute downtown, since the station is quite a bit farther away from the village. This, of course, leaves the bikes vulnerable, since thieves know that the owners could not return before the first afternoon train. GO Transit has bike lockers at other several other locations, but not at the Weston station.

Riders–share your comments?

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Bikes being stolen at Weston Station”

  1. Now we know where the cell-phone muggers are until early afternoon, and it may also explain the rise of street crime in the Junction: more lucrative pickings and means of transport?

    GO needs to get this news loud and clear: freebie bikes in Weston is a thief-magnet, meaning more crime, less safety on the streets, and fewer people willing to be on the streets.

  2. Yup….had mine stolen. I know of at least 3 bikes that have been taken. Apparently there is a blind spot under the canopy that their security cameras can’t see. You’d THINK when they were setting up the cameras they’d make sure they could see the bike area completely. Also, the bike area is completely hidden from the Weston Road so anyone who wants to take a bike can take as much time as they want after the ticket agent leaves in the morning. Hmmm…maybe it’s an inside job?

    GO/Metrolinx will not compensate people for these thefts, only offer a one month pass to Union. That’s great….a $158 pass for my trouble of loosing a $400 bike. Not to mention a good lock that they somehow cut through. Of course they had hours to cut the lock without fear of being seen.

    I would suggest anyone who wants to lock up their bike at the station should chain it to the fence between the two entrances along Weston Road. Right out in the open. No one will touch it.

  3. My count on stolen bikes is at 6 from Weston GO Station. They had the audacity to leave my baby seat behind… no doubt a gesture of kindness for my poor son who no longer gets to ride to the Station. Rumour has it that GO only keeps their tapes for 72 hrs. So lets say I have my bike stolen on Thursday, don’t get around to reporting it till Monday … guess who’s out of luck on the tape that can’t view anything? Just sayin’. Obviously the folk that designed the Weston Station have no idea the demographics they’re working with.

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