Bikeshare free on Wednesdays–and ebikes are available

Weston recently got a Bikeshare corral, and now the CAA has sponsored free rides every Wednesday. (The rides remain limited to 30 minutes, however.)

Bikeshare also now has pedal-assist ebikes! They’re not common, and there are none available in Weston at the moment—but they may soon be. Riders can use ebikes for the same rate as normal Bikeshare bikes, with only one extra restriction: riders need helmets. Notably, the bikes can be dropped off at any corral, including Weston’s.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Bikeshare free on Wednesdays–and ebikes are available”

  1. Frankly, they should outfit all their bikes with bells – to warn those of us still walking, hiking & running that we’re about to be run over, if we make one false move.

    And, how ‘bout this burning question:

    Which side of a shared parkland path should you walk or run on?
    (Given that it’s treated like a race course by many bikers working out on their vehicles. In essence, it’s a roadway without sidewalks.)

    For me, I choose to walk on the side facing traffic. I want to see who’s about to kill me!

    And now, maniacs on heavier e-bikes, too?!?

    (Man, if COVID doesn’t get ya, an aggressive biker will.)

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