Black Cat delivers

If you’re looking for a way to support a local business (and thanks to all of you who signed up for the Good Food Box!), Black Cat is delivering fresh-roasted coffee beans and beer.

If you haven’t tried it, Black Cat has one of the weirdest coffees I’ve ever had (and I’ve had the civet poop one. Meh.) It’s a light Ethiopian roast that tastes like cherries and blueberries because it’s dried with the fruit on the bean. Super good—but drink it black. I’ve got an order in.


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Hi all-delivery updates: A lot of you awesome people have orders that are in queue to be delivered. I will be doing all those on Wednesday since we got so much support and ran out of coffee… completely. The new roast is ready Wednesday morning, so you’ll be getting super fresh coffee.. as always.. 😆 anything else ordered with coffee is also coming the same time. Thanks for the support and the patience. ❤️ Anyone that would like to order and support just a reminder that because our stores had to close because of COVID, we have switched to coffee delivery and cases of @greatlakesbeer beers since we have a lot of stock. We are delivering their tall cans of Lager and APA. Please DM me for orders. Any new orders coming in will be Thursday deliveries. Please send the orders before we run out:) thanks again!

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Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Black Cat delivers”

  1. Adam, it would be nice if you were promoting other local indies who are ALSO offering free delivery within the community! Sigh…. I guess coffee and beer are more important than education materials from K to 12. Or books.

    Thank you to the few people who have been contacting us for workbooks, puzzles, etc. to keep their kids and families active mentally. We can always virtually visit through Messenger in order for you to see what we have in stock! That includes our seasonal products like for Easter, Communion/Confirmation even though we will not be having the usual events this year, sadly.

    We are here everyday but Sunday from 11am to 5pm to discuss your needs and get them to you! We have been delivering all over the GTA since this started. Just give a call, 416-241-5801 or email [email protected] or visit our FB page @ Squibb’s Books & Stationery to message us. We look forward to helping you!

    Just saying…

    1. Why is it Adam’s responsibility to figure out all the businesses that are offering delivery service? And by omitting your business, he is not implying that books are less important than coffee and beer.

      You mention that you have K-12 educational equipment but failed to mention the companies offering to deliver personal protection equipment or groceries. I suppose by your logic books are more important than masks, respirators and food!

      Just saying…

    2. Well I guess you just designated yourself a business not to visit.
      I made a list for you:
      1) Probably should hire yourself a communication expert.
      2) Probably sell products people want.
      3) Probably stop being a (fill in the blank).

  2. There you go, book lady..
    ..Mission accomplished.

    The man’s web page/blog just served up some free marketing to go along with all your other dabblings in the ‘hood – including your own web site.

    (And, no one has more fingers in the collective pie around here than you.)

    Now, it’s up to you – your brand’s success will be your “customer service” with a smile, or lack of.

    End of story.

    (Just sayin’)

  3. What’s up with the hostility? I like coffee and beer and in my personal opinion–which I am allowed to have–they are of higher importance than certain things mentioned here. It’s subjective of course and so what. By the judgmental tone here, it almost sounds like I should feel ashamed of my preferences and do the moral thing by going to shop at a particular store.

  4. Can we not be happy that we finally have a cool great local coffee shop in town- and off the run down main drag of old junk stores to celebrate!! I love the Black cat and have been several times. Im so sick and tired of having Squibbs flaunted like the Mecca of Weston. It is SO truly NOT- Its an old junky shop of books and stuff crammed into a small claustraphobic space with a self obsessed owner, who continually flogs her store and its family run origins that no one really cares about except her. This and the pawn shops- old shops that scream poverty along the main street are reason enough to celebrate a vibrant spot tucked nicely away from it all. She sounds really jealous that a local shop is being celebrated and its not hers. This article is about the Black Cat and is not an excuse to place a shameless add for your store again and again and again! YES!! A reounding answer to your question- People ARE more interested is a great local coffee shop !!

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