Black Cat Espresso Bar gets BlogTO write-up.

One of these days I’m planning on walking over to Weston’s latest coffee shop, the new Black Cat Espresso Bar at 46 Rosemount Avenue. Amy Carlberg at blogTO has done a feature article on the place complete with interior shots and some mouth-watering photos.

Read all about it here.

5 thoughts on “Black Cat Espresso Bar gets BlogTO write-up.”

  1. I went just after it opened, a very friendly place to go. We had lunch and the food was very good and fresh. The decor was very nice. I look forward to going back.

  2. Looks good!
    Interesting sandwich meal possibilities.

    (Wonder if there’s a liquor license in their future – like at their College & Dufferin location?)

    1. Because there is no signage on the building’a storefront. It’s very easy to miss. I haven’t been in yet but image the prices are a bit elevated like the other location. Only difference is the other locations are in areas with many yuppies and disposable income, which you won’t find with as much abundance in Weston. Still hoping it will last. It could be one of the pioneers of gentrification in the area IF gentrification ever comes

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