Black Cat Espresso bar wants to serve more than espresso

Like many other businesses in Weston, Black Cat Espresso bar will be reopening this week. And Justin has a plan: first, he has new a patio and extended summer hours. But he’d like to get a liquor license.


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Weston: meet your new neighbourhood patio. We are working on reopening.

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I think that’s a damned fine idea. I know we have a few bars in Weston, but I’ll be honest: I’ve never felt like I would really fit in at the Weston Station or the Red Room. I’m pretty sure I’ll be welcome at Black Cat.

When Black Cat reopens, they’ll be asking for support for the application. Justin says “It’s a long shot so we will be setting up a donation page for the application fund. It’s a risk to lose the application fee so will be asking for anyone that would love for it to be to make a donation.”

In other local business news, P&M’s is offering their signature burgers, as well as steaks, bacon, ribs and more for takeaway. A damned fine idea.

Photo from P&M’s


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.