Brazen thieves at work in Weston

Beware of two brazen thieves in a white pickup, the Artists to Artists Foundation says in an open email.

Last week several items were stolen from our property located at 1 Victoria Avenue West. Also, several homes in the immediate neighbourhood had the same experience. On one occasion the individuals stole a filing cabinet from inside our neighbour’s property in the middle of the day.

The following morning around 8 AM [the two thieves] were seen entering our property and removing items. One of our neighbours chased them away. The intruders are becoming more brazen and even informed our neighbor that the police are not able to do anything….

The individuals are one male and a female of Caucasian background. The male is missing some front teeth and the female has blonde hair sometime pulled back in a pony tail. They are moving around the neighbourhood in a white pickup van.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.