Bulldozers we will cheer for a change

The city may soon get the power to demolish derelict buildings—of which Weston has quite a few.

Presently, Licensing and Standards can force owners to board up, lock doors, and disconnect utilities. It cannot, however, tear buildings down. And so we get empty hulks like those miserable eyesores Weston Road, which have been vacant threats for as long as your humble correspondent  has lived here—at least 7 years—and likely a decade longer than that.


Welcome to Weston

The Licensing and Standards Committee is trying to get more power for the city. The city and staff would have “additional tools in the event that properties are not compliant, up to and including the potential for demolition permissions.”

Of course, much must be done—research, consultation, and analysis—and the new powers will not even be proposed until October.

Still, the staff’s goal is lofty: “to move the property from community nuisance to community enhancement.”

It couldn’t happen soon enough.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.