Businesses gone busted

It’s been a tough go for some local fixtures in Weston. The Dairy Queen on Weston across from the Super Centre closed just before the money-making season began. My children were a bit bummed.

Weston’s Bakery Outlet will close later this month. Though I was an infrequent shopper there, I did love their panegyrics to the food-sciences.

I’m sure fewer tears were shed when Cash Inn closed. Your correspondent confesses to not paying much attention to usurers, but feels that this might be the first to close in a crowded market.

In other business news, nothing is up at the Crossroads Centre–nothing at all. It’s spooky. I counted 14 empty storefronts, among them several large spaces, including the former Home Outfitters and the Asian market. Readers, do you have any ideas what might be going on up there?

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Businesses gone busted”

  1. Our current councillor has recently suggested that the landowner is looking at rezoning ro mixed use – commercial/residential, but korhinf specific. I presume they were waiting to see how the former Satin Hardwood Flooring property rezoning went.

  2. Blame the residents of Weston for not shopping local. People keep talking about local pubs or hipster restaurants opening in Weston, but I really can’t see how these ideas will come to fruition in the future. Citizens outside of the area are needed to keep these businesses afloat. Unfortunately, who in their right mind will pack up the family to go do some Sunday shopping in our neighbourhood? Wishful thinking.

  3. Pretty well known fact that condos are coming to Crossroads ( as long as they are not rentals) its a good thing.
    Dairy Queen I have been told the owner retired and sold. Its been there for over 30 years.
    Truth be told I walked Weston Rd the other day and found not a single store to shop in. Do these “stores” even make money??

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