Buy a gassy white elephant?

The UP Express is back in the news–with a whopper of a story. As regular readers will know, the airport train is losing money like crazy, and it’s nowhere near the break-even ridership.

Now, Mayor Tory has, for the first time, floated an idea whose time has yet not come (but will): can Toronto buy the train from Metrolinx and make it part of the UP Express?

The Globe and Mail says that the idea is part of a staff report that will be released this week.

“It isn’t a formal sort of suggestion or anything,” Mr. Tory said. “It says UPX might be considering its business plan again and we might be participating.” He added that the idea has never come up in his regular meetings with Metrolinx officials.

The article says that Metrolinx is not reconsidering its business plan.

In other news, says that the UPX is not reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In their calculations. The “UP Express produces a net excess of 78,476 lbs per week of CO2. [It] would need to increase current ridership by 40% to offset the amount of CO2 produced by car trips.”


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.