Campaigning begins

Nadia Guerrera, the Liberal candidate in the provincial election, and Ahmed Hussen, our MP, were knocking on doors in Weston this weekend. Despite my undercaffeination (late night), I was able to gather my thoughts enough to ask her for some details.

In short, she promised more responsible and less reactive policies than the Conservatives, and more accomplishment than the NDP.

In particular, she said that the Liberals would offer more investment in transit, and closer supervision of Metrolinx’s plans for the Eglinton Flats.

Guerrera also said that she supported the green belt around the GTA, and argued the Ford government’s plans could lead to more flooding in our riding. The incumbent, Faisal Hassan, has not brought flooding relief (or mitigation of the odours at the stockyards) in her view.

I think this will be an excellent and contested election: Michael Ford has name recognition and growing conservative support in the riding, and Faisal Hassan has a very good record representing the community.

Nadia Guerrera, though, debated me when I was puffy-eyed and cantankerous—moreover, she was generous with her time and willing to contest and defend. I think she’ll be an real contender in a close race.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.