Canada Day fireworks over by 10 p.m.

For some reason, the Canada Day fireworks started about 15 minutes before their scheduled time of 10 p.m. last night. The show was all over before 10 p.m., taking some people by surprise and disappointing those who had planned to arrive just before the scheduled time.

Ahmed Hussen’s spokesperson told me that the MP was at the Amesbury fireworks there and couldn’t shed any light on the reasons for Weston’s early start. There was nobody available at Councillor Nunziata’s office when I called but will update any response received.

5 thoughts on “Canada Day fireworks over by 10 p.m.”

  1. Thanks for trying. No one home or MP elsewhere is no surprise.
    It’s not a political issue but one of the difference between words and actions.

  2. I understand that the point is that they were unscheduled early.
    For the family’s with younger people it was actually at a better time.
    Sun set was at about 21:03, and it was totally dark by the time that they started.

  3. So much better to be earlier for children and everyone! But yes have a plan.

  4. It’s good that it was earlier but it would of been nice to actually be aware of that fact. My family was on the way to the fire Works when they started and ended up downwind from the fireworks. My family was covered in debree and my sister got one particle in her eyeball… Please for next year make it more clear if it will be an earlier start time. We barely got to see it.

  5. We wanted to go, as we been before. But because Weston Rd is scary the neighbours didn’t want to go to the watch them, so we did our own. Which seems to have been a good decision.

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