Capitalism is great

Weston doesn’t have a decent coffee shop—and no,  Tim’s does not count. A decent coffee shop has more than one coffee, brewed strong. A decent coffee shop has pastries and muffins made fresh, not tired old donuts rolled frozen down the 401.

Now, however, the old clock-repair and computer shop on John St is being renovated. The inside has been entirely gutted, and a sign on the window says that the Bela Cafe will be opening soon.

The owners have chosen a great location. Their shop is just down the shop from the GO station, where tired commuters gather every day in the snow. With a little luck, the café will serve excellent coffee and treats, not cups merely good enough to keep commuters coming.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Capitalism is great”

  1. The owner of this property really knows how to make something great happen! I have never been a fan of any kind or colour of stucco but I have to admit, Ben has done a fabulous job given what was there before. Unfortunately, at this time, the tenant who was to go in and open ‘Bela Cafe’, has taken ill and it is now for lease again (after the election). So, if anyone has aspirations of opening a little cafe, the space could be yours! Good coffee, lattes and pastries, and the world will come to you! Weston is begging for a great little cafe and this could be it…

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