Car break in reported

An unlucky reader reports that the Weston-area car burglar(s) have been paroled, bailed, released, or returned. Her car was broken into, again.

The burglars are a constant annoyance in Weston. Your humble reporter has had his car broken into many times. The good-for-nothings have never forced a lock or broken a window (although the reader reports that they do pop the lock of her older-model car). They steal whatever is close at hand, valuable or not–I once lost an iPod and a wallet, but have also lost loose change, CDs for toddlers, and nine cans of baked beans.

12 Division arrested four people in September for car break-ins, though it was never clear, of course, that they were the same good-for-nothings involved. At any rate, Westonians, lock your doors and take your valuables (and not-so-valuables) inside. The looters are on the loose.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Car break in reported”

  1. Hello,

    On Friday, January 7th at approximately 2:00 to 2:45am, someone attempted to break into cars on Queens Drive. Just before 3:00am, I peered from our second story window and noticed footprints in the snow that indicated someone had boldly walked up to our vehicles in our driveway, and tried the door handles. I immediately went outside to check the cars and saw that the same prints went from house to house, up and down each driveway for several houses on either side of us.

    Keep your doors locked at all times!

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