Car insurance

Our expensive car insurance is back in the news.

As many Westonians know, car insurance here is rather dear. I pay about $210 a month for one car, and I’m 44, with no accidents and no tickets.

It seems a lot, and I’m not the only one to think so.

The Star says that Ontarians pay the highest premiums in the country, and we in Weston spend more than average. It’s because, the Star says, insurance rates are determined by postal code. Parm Gill, a PC member from Brampton, is looking to change that by introducing Bill 42, which will forbid “postal code discrimination”—a bill that, to my mind, rather loosely throws around ‘discrimination’.

The critics quoted in the Star were not kind. They point out that insurance is a zero-sum game: if we pay less, someone will pay more.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Car insurance”

  1. Sadly when we went to No Fault, designed to eliminate the costs of adversarial tort claims, and to eliminate payment of small general damages, we also went to a health care model where your chance of making a claim sets your premium.

    And people with private health care insurance ( public sector workers and highly paid private sector workers) rarely make claims on their auto insurance for time off work or for physio, because they have access to better care through employment.

    So we get hammered by high accident rate in GTA plus high claims by people without private insurance in lower income postal codes.

    I noticed Rockcliffe Smythe is a couple of hundred dollars less than Weston and Mount Dennis, not sure why.

  2. when you turn an area into a rental tower dumping ground, with many not having car insurance or even private employer benefits, what do you expect would happen? Don’t worry the Artscape Rental Tower on John St is going to change everything….just like I quote someone said in a recent Toronto Star article about John St tower….” ….a pig ears turned to silk…” well I can tell you pig ears cannot reduce car insurance rates or help clean up Weston Rd ( silly quote and the Toronto Star published it)=…)

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