Cars being stolen at an alarming rate in 12 Division

Mike Sullivan hosted a town hall this week to discuss the auto insurance rates in Weston. While no politician has lost votes castigating insurers or banks, it may be that we actually cannot blame their greed for the usurious rates we pay. Instead, we should blame the greed of thieves.

It turns out that cars are stolen very frequently in our police division. So far this year, 88 automobiles have gone missing—63% more than were stolen at this time last year. By contrast, Toronto as a whole is seeing slightly fewer cars are being stolen.

Indeed, in 12 Division, auto thefts are up dramatically more than other kinds of crime. Murders and sexual assaults are down substantially in our division (which includes a much larger area than just Weston). Common assaults, robberies, and break and enters are up about 13%—but the total numbers are small, so small absolute changes make large percentage ones.

Your correspondent has seen one person using a wildlife camera to watch his car. Perhaps more porch lights and eyes on the street would help bring our insurance down.

12 Division crime rates


Toronto Crime Rates

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Cars being stolen at an alarming rate in 12 Division”

  1. No wonder the sound of car alarms is almost constant — and ignored.

    This is alarming news and suggests that some of that TAVIS power could be used to patrol streets at night instead of the group ride-by during the daytime.

  2. Perhaps it’s time for some bait cars and sting operations. Most people in the neighbourhood don’t have garages.

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