40 years of Santa in Weston: a guest article by Marion O’Sullivan

The little girl who always wanted to go to the Macy’s Christmas parade, as yet, has not gotten her wish, but she got something even better. This is my 10th anniversary as the coordinator of the Weston Parade, and it’s been a joy.

On a larger scale, on Sunday, Nov 25th at 2.00 p.m., when the parade rolls down Weston Rd from Church Street to Dennison Ave, this great community tradition will be celebrating its 40th anniversary! And this is truly a testament to the indomitable spirit that is Weston as well the parade’s ability to adapt.

At least half of the high school kids who now wear costumes and carry banners in the parade come from homes where Christmas is not celebrated, but they and their parents still love them to be part of the event and they do it because they also love Weston.

Another way in which the parade has adapted is by keeping up with current trends. This year in addition to the marching bands and 40 community floats, the 501 Star Wars Troopers will be part of the event, as will characters from Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig, both very popular kid’s shows. To add theatrical flair to the parade, the Sunny Tang Lion Dancers will be displaying their amazing artistry.

Weston may be small, but our Weston Parade is MIGHTY. For more information on the parade, please visit our website at: www.westonvillagebia.com or email us at: admin@westonvillagebia.com. We still need volunteers!

York South–Weston will be part of ‘cultural hotspot’ next year

The former City of York, which includes Weston and Mount Dennis, will be a ‘cultural hotspot‘ from May through October of next year.

The city’s hotspot program brings “cultural activities, art interventions, development opportunities and legacy projects to the Hotspot neighbourhoods”, and it includes online marketing, events, and exploration guides.

It sounds great!

City of York map
The former City of York

Mount Dennis BIA working on big plans

The Mount Dennis BIA is working on big streetscape plans with funding from the city, according to Toronto.com:

One of the reasons the BIA is embarking on a master streetscape plan is to get ahead of, and to some extent, be able to control what happens along Main Street.”

Developers have begun showing interest in the neighbourhood, purchasing two properties within the BIA’s boundaries – the former Coffee Time at Ray Avenue and Weston Road, and the north east corner of Hollis Street and Weston Road, which is currently an Asian restaurant, according to Alderson.


Padovani: TD to keep ATM in Weston for now.

The TD Canada Trust branch at 1979 Weston Road. Note the Rockport rental apartment building in the background that will be home to hundreds of new residents when it opens in the coming months.

Toronto Council candidate Chiara Padovani has managed to wrestle a concession from TD Canada Trust, set to close its 1979 Weston Road branch on September 21. The building’s ATM will remain open for ‘the time being’ after the branch closes. The bank’s WiFi hotspot (who knew?) will not continue past the closing date.

Ms Padovani also wrote to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada; the 120-employee independent agency that according to its own site,

“ensures federally regulated financial entities comply with consumer protection measures, promotes financial education and raises consumers’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities.”

These are the people who sit on their hands while predatory payday loan companies fill the void left by departing bank branches. Apparently they’ve educated the public about those things so it’s ok. In their reply to Ms Padovani’s letter, FCAC alleges that TD provided adequate consultation with the community before announcing the closure. As a result, FCAC won’t compel TD to hold a community meeting.

If a letter announcing the closure counts as adequate consultation, then yes, the community was consulted adequately.

Undaunted, Ms Padovani also tackled TD who have relented somewhat by agreeing to keep the ATM open past the closing date. In the meantime, she is working with TD Canada Trust to set up a permanent ATM in the vicinity.

So far I have received confirmation that the ATM will remain at the current location while they search for a permanent home in the vicinity. While TD is hosting sessions on digital banking and financial literacy in the community, they have not committed to installing a WiFi hub to facilitate the use of such services for people who don’t have access to the Internet.

I’m committed to continue to advocate for accommodations for the members of the community who will be negatively impacted by the bank’s imminent closure.

Access to fair banking and financial services is especially important in Weston, given the increase in predatory lending that has sever consequences on socioeconomic health of our neighbourhood. As a social worker in the community, I’ve seen far too many hardworking people get trapped in debt through pay day lenders.– Chiara Padovani

Read more from the candidate here.

Read Adam’s excellent take on the issues here.

Banking in Canada is regulated federally. Incidentally; crickets from MP Ahmed Hussen’s office on the branch’s closing.

There’s a chance to win $500 at Buskerfest on Saturday.

Weston B.I.A. is holding a raffle for a great prize at Weston Buskerfest On Sat, July 28 ,2018


  • If you spend $25 or more per person at any of the stores or a combination of the stores on Weston Rd from Church, south to Wilby Crescent, and on Lawrence West from Weston to Hickory Tree Rd on Buskerfest day, you will be entered in a draw to win a $500 pre-paid MasterCard. 
  • Simply, present your receipts to the volunteer at the information booth in front of RBC at 1906 Weston Rd and she will give you a raffle ticket to fill out in and put in the box.

 For more information on Weston Buskerfest: please visit the Weston BIA website or call our office at 416-249-0691

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