One week left. I forgot camp.

I’m sweating about summer. I’ll be running the daddy daycare, and there is no more churlish wretch that a descreened tween, so I am dreading the hard hot launch of summer in a few days.

If my kids end up bored, though, I have only myself to blame. There’s lots to do in Weston and Mount Dennis: daily swimming, twice-weekly programming at the Weston library, coding classes on the weekend in Mount Dennis, and regular events around town.

I’ve made a calendar (I left off their planned morning calisthenics and algebra drills), and I’ll try to keep it updated.

All the events are free or cheap, for kids, and within the neighbourhood. If you want to add it to your phone, go for it, and if you have any fun things to do, please god, let me know!

Last-minute March Break ideas

If, like me, you forgot that March Break is next week, you might try sending your kids to one of the awesome neighbourhood programs.

UrbanArts has a camp every day from 9 to 4 all week long with “visual arts & crafts, music, dance, photography, and digital arts” for kids 8–14.

If your kids are a little older (between 13 and 17) Frontlines is hosting a March Break Camp with many activities “including a special basketball camp at the Air Canada Centre.”

Both camps are a total steal.


Upcoming meeting on childcare.

Laura Albanese’s office will be having a meeting tomorrow to discuss child care in the province. The province is committed to “help create 100,000 additional licensed child care spaces for infants, toddlers and preschoolers within the next five years, starting in 2017″—about 25% more spaces than exist right now.

The Mount Dennis Community Association has an idea: more subsidized spaces in schools. They say the city’s current plan is a bad one, which would increase fees on many parents to subsidize a few: the city wants to cut a general rent-reduction plan and redirect the money for subsidized spots.

That subsidy reduces the cost of daycare at day cares located in schools. Schools are the most convenient location for most parents.  When the new plan goes into effect, each day care will have a handful more subsidized spaces, but the increased rent will likely either drive up the price [in school daycares], or force closures.  

Plans for Christian Bros

Frances Nunziata had a meeting tonight to discuss the future of the Christian Brothers warehouse site at 30–46 Rosemount. In her flyer, Nunziata says that the new owners, the Varone Group, are asking to develop office and retail space, as well as a daycare.

The last institutional daycare in Weston closed in 2013.

Your correspondent was not able to attend (bedtime), but I would love to hear news from the meeting.