Frontlines has a great program for employers

Frontlines has a heck of a program to help employers: if you hire a young person, they’ll help you pay their wage.

And it’s a fair bit of money: the federal government has given Frontlines enough to subsidize each young adult for $15 an hour, and 30 hours a week, for 8 weeks. Stachen Lett-Frederick says “We have over 50 youth to place right now.”

To be eligible, employers must be a registered organization with a payroll account and WSIB or liability insurance. The work must, of course, be safe, and in a youth-friendly environment.

Old Frontlines to be demolished

City Council gave Castlepoint Numa, owners of the old Frontlines building, permission to demolish it.

The building has a collapsing roof, and Castlepoint told City Council “The building is in very poor and unsafe condition and requires demolition. When we
purchased the building earlier this year, the previous tenant Frontlines had to
immediately vacate the building on an urgent basis due to a collapsing roof.”

They also say, “We envision that we will replace the building at some point in the future, but in order to create a safe environment today for the community, it is critical for us to demolish this existing structure on site as soon as possible. Following the demolition, we intend to continue to offer the site for pop-up community events to support the revitalization of the Weston Village community”.

Pink Alley opens

It was a colourful and lively celebration at The Pink Alley on Wednesday, when Frontlines opened their new outdoor space at 1804 Weston Rd.

I was excited to see this new public space come alive. There were activities for kids out back, and I had a chance to meet some of the impressive youth outreach staff and tour the new restaurant space and the teen lounge. I also enjoyed the free tropical ice cream.

Well done Noami Frederick, Harley Valentine of Castlepoint Numa, and your teams! 

Frontlines having summer camp

Frontlines will be hosting an in-erson summer camp this year for kids 6–12. It’s affordable, too—only $20 a week. This being Frontlines, the kids will be well fed of course, too, with provided meals.

If you can support the camp, Frontlines is accepting donations.

Do you want to give parents a break this summer!!!!?😀For just a small gift of $4, you can send one at-risk child to Summer Camp for a day, with THREE healthy meals 😋and a SAFE space to have fun because every child deserves an opportunity to “just be a child.”YOU can make this POSSIBLE. Thank you for keeping our kids safe!

Pink Alley coming to Weston

An overlooked and forgotten alley at 1804 Weston Rd is getting a makeover this month. It will transform into an inclusive, innovative, and fun space called PINK ALLEY.

All of Weston is invited to the kick-off event, the Weston Ice Cream Party, on Wednesday, June 30th, 4-6 pm. There will be free tropical ice creams and samples of baked goods for everyone! The latter will be served by ‘Culinary Creations’—the new social enterprise catering facility operated by Frontlines (donations are welcome). Be sure to tour the new Frontlines Centre that day; it’s immediately next door.

“The launch will coincide with Frontlines’ Youth Summer Camp starting in July. They’ll make great use of the space,” says Harley Valentine of Castlepoint Numa Developments, funding the PINK ALLEY initiative. Harley added that Urban Arts and Weston’s Community Place Hub are supporters and will continue the transformation of the PINK ALLEY in the days to come. Visual artist Krystal Ball is working with the team to add eye-catching graphic design. The finishing touch will be the energy and laughter of the young people of Weston.