New sidewalks on Cardell and Fairglen planned

I was driving near CR Marchant earlier this week when school was out—and though I’ve lived here almost 15 years, I was really surprised: there are no sidewalks on Rosemount where it meets Ralph. Kids were walking on the grass and on the street, and it seemed mighty unwise.

I’m not the only one to have noticed, I’m pleased to say. In fact, City Council will be considering a motion this week to “request the General Manager, Transportation Services to continue with the planned delivery of sidewalks” on Ralph and on Cardell Avenue (and Fairglen Crescent).

Walking podcasts

Weston and Mount Dennis have a lot going for them—great people, beautiful geography, and the highest number of walking-tour-podcasts per capita anywhere outside of Paris, I figure.

I haven’t had the chance to try these out (I keep trying to recruit my daughter, and she continues to demur)—but enough waiting. You go. Tell me what you find.


WestonTrax was created by Natasha Adiyana Morris.

Follow Destiny and friends as they head home after school, discovering more knowledge about their historical neighbourhood and recent changes that are hard to miss. We start off at Weston Collegiate Institute, pass by rows of quiet residential streets, cross above train tracks towards Weston Road, and circle around to Lawrence Ave W. as our final stop.

To follow WestonTrax, download the app on Android or iOS

ArtworxTO has four tours of Weston and Mount Dennis.

The first, along the Humber River, starts at the intersection of Lawrence and Hickory Tree Rd. Star Nahwegahbo narrates a meditative audio tour.

Image from

In the second, the Essencia Art Collective tells us the history and context of their massive Water Mural where the 400 off-ramp meets Jane.


Krystal Ball narrates guides the third walking tour, of the murals of Weston, starting at 1901 Weston Road.


And finally, mural artist Nick Sweetman is the guide to murals of Mount Dennis. He leads listeners through an interpretation of the paintings near Weston and Eglinton.


Meals on Wheels looking for drivers

This week will be National Volunteer Week, which is a convenient news peg, because our local chapter of Meals on Wheels is looking for volunteer drivers.

Your humble correspondent has been volunteering for them for two weeks, and it’s rewarding work. Typically, the shifts are from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and as can be infrequent as once a week. It’s been a blast, and the people have been great to work with. Volunteer drivers toodle around the neighbourhood with a ‘runner’ who drops the meals off.

The Meals on Wheels program is run from Reconnect Family Services on Weston near Eglinton.

Raymore Park Clean-up

On Sunday April 24, there will be a park clean-up organized by Brian MacLean who is also leading a campaign to set up a permanent memorial to the Hurricane Hazel victims, many of whom perished in a community now occupied by Raymore Park.

Please meet by the pedestrian bridge across the Humber between Raymore and Lions parks at 10:00 a.m. Note – the Raymore parking lot is closed to traffic. There is street parking on Tilden Crescent or the Lions Park lot is open – it’s a short walk from there to the footbridge that crosses into Raymore.

Area Map – from Google. Click to enlarge.

For more information contact Brian MacLean at [email protected]

Local schools need $150 million of repairs

According to TDSB data, schools in York South–Weston need about $150 million of repairs. TDSB schools require $3.7 billion in total. says that Weston CI needs the most repairs: nearly $20 million worth. The areas needing urgent repairs include:

  • Foundation
  • Stairs
  • Elevators and lifts
  • Roof coverings

CR Marchant is also in very bad shape. It requires about $7 million in repairs, though (happily?) only the foundation is urgent. For perspective, the province said the replacement cost of the whole school is $10.3 million. CR has long needed work.

York Humber High School needs $5.9 million in repairs.

Weston Memorial needs $4.7 million, including to the sanitary sewer, rainwater drainage, and water distribution systems.

Bala needs $4.6 million. Dennis Ave, $4.3. Pelmo’s a bargain with $3.6. It goes on.

The TDSB says that all the buildings are safe, just run down: “The health and safety of students, staff and community members are our top priority when planning school repairs. Our Facility Services staff works year-round to ensure our schools are safe”.

Upcoming events

Weston Then & Now“, a celebration of the 200th birthday of the Central United Church, will be happening this weekend. There will be artist installations and “music, visual art, storytelling, live performance, history, and a reflection on Weston that will be unforgettable”. The event will be Friday, March 25 to Sunday, March 27.

Frontlines continues to host its online homework club “to help local students with math, science, French, English, and social studies. The program runs weekly on Mondays and Tuesdays. For more information, email [email protected] or call (416) 244-7017. 

On Wednesday, the Learning Enrichment Foundation will be hosting a neighbourhood discussion of the “Quilt on Weston Road”, their proposed new building.

In May, UrbanArts will launch “Rhythm & Poetry”, a free 8-week program people 16+. It will run every Tuesday from 4:30–6:30 at Artscape Weston Common.

Led by international playwright, Natasha Adiyana Morris, and special guest instructors, participants will explore writing and performance through rhythm and poetry. If you’re interested in creating authentic and bold writing, as well as learning how to make unique choices on stage, this intensive is for you.

On Saturday, Sofija Theordou will be leading the first ” Knowledge-Sharing Bike Tour” of the season. They’ll run biweekly until June 18, if the cool weather puts you off this weekend.

This summer, Shakespeare in Action will have its Shakespeare for Kids Summer Camp.

Our annual summer camp is back in Weston in July. Learn new skills, make friends, play outdoors, and create and perform an abridged Shakespeare play this summer. We’re excited to launch a new camp in August in partnership with Assembly Hall in Etobicoke!

Early registrants save 10%.

SIA seeks volunteers for event

Shakespeare in Action is looking for volunteers to help with “Weston: Then and Now”, running March 25–27.

They are looking for people

to assist us as Ushers, Art Instalment Supervisors and History Guides for our upcoming event, ‘Weston: Then & Now, running March 25th-27th at Central United Church! This event is will be bringing to life over 200 years of history in Central United Church and Weston! This will be a free, three day event inside CUC featuring visual artist, multi-media creations, history displays and live music and performances throughout the building for guests to explore!We are looking for folks that love all things art and history and have an interest in sharing that with others! Training will be provided. Please visit our website to sign up now or learn more about the event: