Community clean-ups this weekend

The MDCA’s final community clean-up will be tomorrow, April 27 at 10 starting at Eglinton flats (south side). Bags, gloves, and coffee coupons (bless you, supercoffee) will be provided.

Westonians will be meeting at the top of the stairs leading down to Cruickshank Park tomorrow (the stairs just north of 2160 Weston Rd.)
The clean-up will be focusing on Cruickshank Park, Holley Park, other key areas on the west side of Weston

On Sunday, the meeting point will be Weston Lions Park Parking Lot, Playground Area, and cleaning up Weston Lions Park.



Upcoming events

Spring has sprung, and that means there are a million things to do! Get out and meet your neighbours in this awesome little village.

Jacqueline Storino has organized an Easter-egg hunt at Elm Park next SUNDAY, April 21 from 10 am to 12 noon. This is Weston’s second annual egg hunt. Man, I love this town!

You can drop off plastic eggs, chocolate eggs, Easter candy, or coffee and tea at Squibbs, at 55 Queens Drive, or at 69 MacDonald. They’d also appreciate an RSVP, I know, to plan for the craziness.

Perhaps when your kids are all hopped up (pun intended!), you can unleash them on Cruickshank Park to help tidy up!

The only thing better than Weston might be beer. So, clearly, the best thing in the world is Weston and beer.¹

Tan Ya Connors is hosting “Turn Back Time”, a photographic history of Weston, on Thursday, April 24 25, at Shacklands Brewing Company.

Join local history aficionado John Maniezzo as we review historical photos and share stories about our neighbourhood. Always a good time to meet your neighbours and enjoy a local brew.

The Weston Village Residents’ Association will be hosting their AGM at Artscape on Tuesday, May 14. The meeting starts at 7 and doors open at 6:30

Tan Ya Connors has also organized the Bee The Change! a pollinator’s party.

Sunday, June 9th promises to BEE an amazing time!

Black Creek Alliance is hosting a Pollinator Celebration!

Join us with special musical guests The Shuffle Demons, as we celebrate nature and beauty in unexpected places. Enjoy local music, wonderful food, learn about native plants make a bee hotel, or seed bomb your own back yard! We’ll share more details soon.

Bee there or bee square!

¹Not true. Weston+beer+cigarettes. But Shacklands is non-smoking.

What a bunch of heroes

Your correspondent has failed. Twice. First, he forgot to remind you of the community cleanup that Ryan Demchuk organized. Then he forgot to go.

Happily, nine capeless heroes did show up and spread out across the village cleaning parks and public spaces. I caught up with Noble, Quinn, and Sebastian Viana at Elm Park. They were quietly plugging away, making the space safe and clean for many (and my) little monkeys.

The cleanup continues. Today the grime fighters will be meeting at the Denison Park playground area and cleaning up Denison Park, Hickory Tree Rd. ravine areas, and other key areas South of Lawrence.

Next Saturday at 9:30, they will be meeting at the top of the stairs at 2160 Weston Road (above Cruickshank Park), and cleaning Cruickshank Park, Holley Park, and a few other areas on the west side of Weston

On Sunday, April 28, they–WE!–will be meeting at the Weston Lions  parking lot, and tackling Weston Lions Park.

You can join the Weston Clean Team on Facebook.

Upcoming events

Farmers’ Market

The Farmers’ Market opening will be Saturday, May 11. The market is in many ways the centre of town, and I’m really looking forward to it.

This year, the market will be in the parking lot of the Weston Baptist Church at 1871 Weston Rd until the road work on John Street is finished.

The Good Jobs for All coalition and the Green Economy Network are hosting “A Green New Deal for York South Weston” this Tuesday, April 9, at the Jane Street Hub.

Shakespeare in Action announces inaugural performances

Shakespeare in Action has announced its inaugural Weston performances, and they sound just up my alley: short and punchy!

Photo from Shakespeare in Action
  • Suddenly Shakespeare: a 60-minute whirlwind tour bringing  “four of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays –Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, Macbeth and Twelfth Night – to life for children ages five to seventy-five. Featuring original sound, movement and physical comedy, the performance is the perfect introduction to Shakespeare for young audiences.” The public performance will be May 4th at 2pm.
  • Shakespeare Meets Hip Hop: “a vibrant, interactive presentation that demonstrates how modern hip-hop shares many similarities with Shakespeare, particularly the themes, rhythm and use of language.” The public performance will be  May 18th at 2pm.

Tickets are $15.

Finally, it wouldn’t be summer without a performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The dates and times haven’t been announced, but Shakespeare in Action will be performing it in Little Avenue Memorial Park in July.

Shakespeare in Action moved into Artscape Weston Common from downtown late last year.