Weston Fun Fair Announced

The annual Weston Memorial Fun Fair will be held on Thursday, June 2, from 6–8 pm.

Every year, Weston Memorial public school has a party to raise money for school equipment and supplies. Last year’s fair raised about $5000 for school computers, despite the rain.

This year, the theme of the fair is “Go Wild”. There will be snakes and spiders for the kids to look at and touch. There will also be a bouncy castle, a bake sale, games and events.

The raffle and silent auction look particularly good; there is a package to the Weston Golf Course up for grabs, and tickets to many events around town, including zoos, a climbing centre, and the theatre.



Another shot in the train wars

The Clean Train Coalition just keeps saying  “I think I can; I think I can”, even when the odds look long.

Metrolinx has said many times and for months that the Air Rail Link cutting through Weston will be diesel, at least until it (maybe) gets the money to electrify (sometime) in the future. That’s not good enough for the Clean Train Coalition, which has been hounding Metrolinx for years, and which recently sent its chair, Mike Sullivan, to the House of Commons as our MP.

The Clean Train Coalition co-sponsored research completed by the group Transport Action Canada. The result is an enormous report, released this week, covering world-wide transit solutions and the history of transit in Ontario. But it comes to a simple conclusion:

Now, the opportunity has arisen to recommit to GO and fully embrace its ability to bring about decisive change to the community habits and land development patterns of the GTHA…. More trains, on more lines, operating on quicker schedules, seven days a week….

The time for accelerated GO Transit electrification is now.

The report can be downloaded here.


Queens Drive Street Sale announced

The dates for the always-epic Queens Drive street sale have been announced. Hundreds of Torontonians will come to Weston on Saturday, June 11, to look for unappreciated treasures.

At least two local groups are looking for your help raising money. You can help:

  • Weston Memorial Public School by getting in touch with Brigitte at [email protected]
  • Weston Village Child Care by calling Kim at (416) 245-3585.

Both organizations are looking for gently-used goods and volunteer help.

Nice article on Weston 2021

InsideToronto has a nice article on the changes that may be coming to Weston. Some are in the works, and some are clearly fantasy, but they are all inspiring:

Turning Weston Road, the main street for commerce in the area, to a boulevard lined by trees and storefronts, and reducing the number of laneways from four to two.

Converting a set of vacant buildings along King Street into a future expansion for George Brown College.

Building a cycling museum at the new GO station in honour of a former cycling manufacturer that operated in the area for nearly a century.

Burying the rail corridor underneath Lawrence Avenue.



Weston planning conference wraps up

The Weston 2021 design conference ended on Thursday. For three days, dozens of Toronto’s best and brightest architects and planners devoted themselves to solving the problems in Weston. The ‘charette’ was organized by Frances Nunziata, our city councillor, and developed out of the work of Paul Bedford, Toronto’s former Chief Planner.

The architects and urban planners were trying to improve three areas in Weston: the residential area between Rosemount and the Humber, the Weston GO Station, and the apartment towers at 1765 and 1775 Weston Rd.

The conference started with the idea that Weston is not an intersection; it is a town. However, the attendees recognized several problems that were brought to them by community members:

  • We suffer from a lack of connectivity between the two sides of the tracks
  • The streetscape along Weston Road is not inviting
  • Residents have concerns about safety
  • The retail spaces along Weston Road tend to serve only low-income residents
  • Much traffic goes through Weston, but few people stop

The planners at the conference were trying to improve the community by finding something to rejuvenate the business area, increase day to day activity in Weston, and catalyze growth in developments and public space. Some of the ideas included:

  • Improving the policing, lighting, and cleaning along Weston Rd.
  • Creating ‘catalyst’ development at the Weston GO station that will draw the community together and create new investment opportunity
  • Creating a ‘bicycle identity’ for the area, building on our history of bicycle manufacture

The charette worked to develop a final printed product which will be available soon. The proposed ideas will be subjected to financial scrutiny at the next level of planning, the “Technical Assistance Panel” workshop.

Metrolinx and the City of Toronto picked up the tab for the charette.



Weston design conference going on now

The City of Toronto, Metrolinx and the Urban Land Institute are hosting a design conference (called a ‘charette’) about renewing Weston. The conference has been running since Tuesday, and the final presentation will be Thursday night.

According to an attendee, three areas were the focus of the workshop: The new GO station, the two apartment buildlings at the intersection of Weston and Lawrence, and the retail area long Weston Road south of Church St.

The ideas generated at the charette are meant to revitalize Weston. According to the site, the gpa; “is to provide inspiration and constructive ideas for how the Village of Weston may position itself to grow and thrive over the next decade.”

The final presentation will be on Thursday, May 5, at 6 pm, at the York West Active Living Centre, 1901 Weston Road. There will be an open house between 1:30 and 4:30.  The organizers are, according to the attendee, very receptive to new ideas and input.