Who was the man killed by police?

The Toronto Star has an article about the mystery of the homeless man killed by police in Weston last year. It was the second time he had been shot by police in Weston, both times after threatening them with a butcher knife.

The police have little idea who he was.


No one knew John Doe.

Not his real name, not his birthday, not where he came from. More than a year after Doe ambushed Toronto police officers with a kitchen knife in a dusty rail corridor in North York, leading one of them to fatally shoot him, all investigators can say is that he was a sex offender with a violent past.

Never a dull day

The SIU and Toronto Police are investigating a car crash at King and Elm that has left one man in hospital and a car destroyed. It also happened to occur across the street from your correspondent.

Police were pursuing a Ford Flex at around 2 this morning. After the crash, the driver fled the scene. The passenger was seriously hurt and is in hospital.


The police were tight-lipped with me, but to my eye, it looks like the pursued were racing up King Street from the Rosemount area. Clearly, they were moving very fast and ran the stop sign at Elm. They missed the bend, jumped the curb, and hit the tree.

Pieces from the car were scattered far: a piece of the headlight is about 15 metres away and across the road.

Crime diving in 12 Division

Crime is diving in 12 Division, according to the most recent batch of police statistics, even though crime across the city is, on the whole, unchanged on a year-to-year basis.

In Toronto, robberies and thefts over $5000 are up about 10%, while assaults and sexual assaults are down very slightly (murders, which are so rare as to be of very dubious statistical use, are down 44%).

In Weston, Mount Dennis, and the rest of 12 Division, the numbers are down almost across the board. Auto thefts are up 7%, but B&Es and robberies are down by about 25%. Sexual assaults have been reduced by 10%. Thefts over $5000 and murders, being very rare, have no value as indicators of a trend, but they are down substantially, too.

The statistics were released at the end of March, and measure crime on a year-to-date basis. Obviously, things good change, but the first quarter of 2017 was certainly very good indeed.


Profile of Marc Porlier, alleged arsonist

The Sun profiled Marc Porlier, the man allegedly behind the arson at St John the Evangelist Church. Porlier, the article says, was once an altar boy at the very church he tried to set fire to.

While the defence lawyer wouldn’t comment on any animosity her client may have had toward the church, she acknowledged bizarre videos Porlier posted online in recent years — all entitled “The Gospel according to Marc” — provide insight into his feelings on Catholicism.

In one video, Porlier explains he was “raised in a cult.”

“I’d like to say that I didn’t like being brainwashed, but as a kid I actually wanted to be a priest,” he says.


Building super arrested for soliciting sex

The superintendent of a Weston apartment building has been arrested for soliciting sex with minors and adults. Thivakaran Yogeswaran,  the super for 2089 Lawrence Avenue Weston Road, is charged with sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference, and sexual assault on a minor.

Thanks to S and W for the tip.

Arson at Mount Dennis area mosque

An arsonist ineffectively attacked a Mount Dennis area mosque last night in an attack that was probably unrelated to the arson at the Masonic Lodge in Weston.

Police and Toronto Fire were called to the Islamic education centre on Weston Road near Humber Blvd N around 11:30 last night to deal with a “small fire” on the roof “that appears to have been deliberately set”.

The damage to the roof was minor and the centre was open for business today. They released a statement that said, “We are pleased to see officials taking the matter very seriously, and we would like to thank them for their service and dedication.”

The attack on the mosque happened after the arsonist allegedly responsible for the attack on the Weston Masonic Temple was arrested. The police say the two attacks are unrelated.