Nunziata’s response to gun violence

Frances Nunziata spoke to Newstalk 1010 about the recent spike in violence in Weston and Mount Dennis. She blames street gangs and gang-affiliated bars:

Nunziata says street gangs are a problem in the neighbourhoods she’s responsible for and so are the bars they hang out in.

She’d like authorities to do more to clamp down on bars that attract and allow illegal activity and the people involved.

Nunziata has long loathed after-hours bars in Weston and has fought against them for more than a decade.

Weston-area doctor gets 12 years for fentanyl fraud

A Weston-area doctor has received a 12-year sentence for writing fake fentanyl prescriptions.  Dr. George Otto worked with a Weston pharmacist, Dr Shereen El-Azrak, who filled the fraudulent prescriptions. The pain patches were sold on to middlemen, who peddled them around Ontario.

El-Azrak, who worked at PharmaChoice on Lawrence, received a 13-year sentence.

Dr Otto worked out of a walk-in clinic on Jane St, near Wilson. He and El-Azrak trafficked more than 6000 fentanyl patches, according to the sentencing documents. That many patches could be worth more than a million dollars.


Police arrest three in Mount Dennis-area shooting

The police have arrested two men and a youth for the recent shooting near Black Creek and Trethewey.

On October 30, five people were shot in the hallway of an apartment building and were taken to hospital. Nobody was killed in the shooting.

Over the past weeks, the police arrested Andre Cunningham, 20; Malik Mohamed, 21; and a young man under 18. They’ve each been charged with five counts of attempted murder and many firearms offenses.

Police seeking person of interest in shooting

Toronto Police are asking for the public’s help finding a man involved in a shooting in the Mount Dennis area. They say that  on “Saturday, November 9, 2019 at approximately 2:50 p.m., two men were driving in the area of Industry Street and Todd Baylis Boulevard  [when] a pick-up truck with unknown occupants pulled up next to the vehicle and began shooting.”

One person had life-threatening injuries

The police are trying to find a man with “black hair that is long on top with shaved sides. He was wearing a black winter jacket with a fur-trimmed hood, a black Air Jordan sweater, black Air Jordan track pants, and black and white sneakers.”

Responses to recent shootings

The CBC covered some of the local responses to the recent shootings in Weston and the surrounding area. Several community groups were included, including Stachen Frederick from Frontlines.

Image from the CBC

At a meeting on Wednesday, she saw someone get the call that a relative had been injured.

“More and more youth are becoming fearful of living in this community,” Frederick said.

They try to engage children as young as six at Frontlines, with youth programming ranging from homework help to fitness and cooking classes. About 460 young people come through their doors a year.

Frederick says there needs to be more effort from all levels of government and more funding so places like Frontlines can be open later and offer more to young people.

She also says there’s a lack of spaces for young people in the community.

Two shot at Weston bar. One dead

Two men were shot the Red Room restaurant on Jane Street. One was killed.

The police say a “man walked in and started shooting”. One man died on the scene. The other was taken to hospital with life threatening injuries.

This is the second shooting in Weston and the fourth shooting in the area in recent weeks.

Shootings in Weston this week

It’s been a terrible week for crime and around Weston.There have been three shooting incidents in the neighbourhood that have left at least eight injured, though, thankfully, nobody dead.

On Wednesday, a woman and man were very badly injured in a senseless shooting at a home on Conron Place, near Weston and Church. Two masked criminals shot indiscriminately through the door and windows of their home,  a multi-tenant building. A 71-year-old man and a 44-year-old woman were rushed to the hospital. The woman was in life-threatening condition.

From Google Maps


Earlier that  day, at approximately 7:30 p.m., there was a shooting nar  Black Creek Drive and Trethewey. The police say that a group of young people were gathered in a hallway of a low-rise building when “three males approached the building in a black sedan, went directly to the floor the group was on, and began shooting at the group”.

Four young people were shot and taken to hospital. A fifth was found at the hospital seeking help.

On Thursday morning, a man was shot in a parking lot near Jane Street and Harding Ave. Two men were sitting in their car when three men approached and shot at them. A 29-year-old man was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.