Man murdered outside Shoppers Drug Mart

A man in his 50s was stabbed and killed outside the Shoppers on Weston Road today. Just before noon, witnesses reported a fist fight between a young man and the victim. The victim was found in life-threatening condition, and died in the hospital.

The perpetrator fled in a red SUV, and is described as

a black male in his late 20s or early 30s. He stands around five-foot-eleven, with a slim build and long curly hair. He was wearing all black clothing and a black toque.

The SUV was found in a parking lot not far away, and the perpetrator had fled.

Frances Nunziata has said there will be a community meeting about crime in the neighbourhood on November 22 at 7 pm. The location has not been announced.


Shots fired at Weston and Lawrence

Nine shots were fired on Monday near Weston and Lawrence. Nobody was injured.

The perpetrators should be put behind bars for a very long time for their murderous, reckless behaviour.

But, contrary to what I’ve heard people say, Weston is not getting worse. It’s getting better.

This is only the fourth time police have responded to shots fired in Weston or Mount Dennis this year, and there has not been a single homicide (touch wood). The leafy, lovely Humber-side area of Etobicoke has had three shootings, by way of perspective, and Jane-Finch has had 15.

Shootings in Weston this year. The one circled, on Jane, is two incidents, but I don’t know which side of the yellow line they happened on, so I split the difference.

Shootings in 12 Division, of which Weston is a part, are also down over last year. Crime, including murders, has been on a secular, nation-wide decline for three decades.

Shootings are awful, traumatic, and community-hardening events. So thank goodness we are having fewer of them.

12 Division shootings YTD
12 Division shootings YTD


Olympic Variety robbed

Olympic Variety, at King and Elm, was robbed yesterday at about 2 in the afternoon. The suspect had a gun, according to police. Nobody was injured.

The police response was swift: many police cars, tactical officers, detectives, and the canine squad were on scene within minutes.

Three arrested after shots fired at Weston and Clouter

Three people are in custody after shots were fired Sunday morning near Weston and Church The road was closed, and there was a very heavy police presence, as what looked to be a tactical squad entered the building at 2222 Weston, according to witnesses.

The police tweeted that nobody was hurt.

Rash of car thefts, burglaries

Five cars were stolen in Weston between October 2 and October 8, an unusually high number, when we usually go weeks between auto thefts. Some members of the Weston Neighbours’ group

also reported that a number of unlocked cars have been broken into lately—which is, frustratingly, a long-term and ongoing problem in the neighbourhood.

It’s not all bad news: crimes in Weston are down substantially compared to this time last year across almost every category (and this is despite a secular rise in crime in Toronto). Auto thefts, however, are up 13%, and thefts over $5000 are up 14%.

Two people charged for Mount Dennis bank robbery

A man and a boy have been charged for robbing 10 Toronto banks, including the Scotiabank at Weston and Eglinton, which was robbed on August 31.

The man, 30, drove the getaway car while the boy, 15, robbed the banks, police say. Leonardo Peralta has been charged with 10 counts of robbery and dangerous driving. The boy, who is unnamed, has been charged with 1o counts of wearing a disguise and 10 counts of robbery.

The Toronto Sun says the pair were arrested as they were robbing a bank, and that Peralta has a long history of robbery charges.

Ontario to stiffen fines for drivers who kill

Gary Sim, image from The Star

Pedestrians and cyclists may be better protected if the province gets passes new bills this fall. Ontario will increase to $50,000 the fine for distracted and careless drivers who cause death, and the move is being lauded by the daughter of Gary Sim, a Mount Dennis man, whose killer faced a $500 fine.

Steven Del Duca said that the new penalties will “send a very clear message to justice and law enforcement” to charge more firmly. The driver who killed Sim was charged only with making an improper turn.

Heather Sim told Matt Galloway that “this is great news”. She said “I couldn’t imagine that you could kill somebody and [a $500 fine] is the maximum you could get…. This guy is just going to get two demerit points and go on as if nothing happened.”

Heather Sim also called for a vulnerable road user act that would differentiate between drivers who hit cars and those who hit pedestrians and cyclists. “A lot of drivers are on the road, and they see a cyclist and feel annoyance or frustration…. A lot of people look at it as if it’s supposed to be the cyclist who’s supposed to get out of the way”, she said.

Del Duca has also made driving high on marijuana more punishable, creating a zero-tolerance policy for young, new, and commercial drivers.