Upcoming events

Mount Dennis is having an eco neighbourhood meeting on April 3 at the Mount Dennis Library. It sounds like a great initiative.

The Weston Historical Society is having its AGM on Wednesday April 5th. at The Village of Humber Heights Retirement Home, 2245 Lawrence Avenue West, at 7:30 p.m.

The guest speaker will be Dr. Robert Galway, speaking no the Tretheway Model Farm and Plaque Project.”

UrbanArts is hosting an ongoing participatory art project called “My City My Six”. They will be having “My City My Six workshops in creative writing, spoken word & poetry, digital story-telling and comedy.”

Upcoming events

Metrolinx will be hosting an open house to discuss the Eglinton LRT on Wednesday, March 29, at the LEF, 116 Industry Street.

The MDCA is hosting a meeting at the Mount Dennis Library at 6:30 on April 3rd to “showcase our progress toward becoming a sustainable neighbourhood”. The MDCA is striving to make Mount Dennis an Eco-Neighbourhood.

A City of Toronto Community Energy Planner will review the work underway to quantify energy use in Mount Dennis.  This will lead to an action plan to improve energy efficiency in both existing homes and future developments.  The goal is to become carbon neutral as Toronto’s first Net Zero community.

Metrolinx will provide an update on their plan for an alternative to the proposed gas power plant proposed to provide emergency power for the Eglinton Crosstown line.  Information will also be available about ways the Eglinton Crosstown supports greater sustainability.

The Toronto Region Conservation Authority will review its Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP) program, recently recognized as one of the top 100 programs worldwide!  MDCA is working to develop a partnership strategy that will engage our community in planning and addressing climate change, while connecting us to jobs in the green economy.

Our elected representatives will provide the latest news on how governments at the city, provincial and federal levels are supporting our efforts.


Now we’re talking: beer and the history of Toronto

The Weston Historical Society is going to draw record crowds, I predict, with its newest meeting. Nick Pashley will be speaking on “Beer, the history of brewing in Toronto (and Canada).” Everyone is welcome and there will be refreshments (please, god, not coffee).

The meeting will be at 7:30 on Wednesday, February 1st, at The Village of Humber Heights Retirement Home.

Upcoming meeting on childcare.

Laura Albanese’s office will be having a meeting tomorrow to discuss child care in the province. The province is committed to “help create 100,000 additional licensed child care spaces for infants, toddlers and preschoolers within the next five years, starting in 2017″—about 25% more spaces than exist right now.

The Mount Dennis Community Association has an idea: more subsidized spaces in schools. They say the city’s current plan is a bad one, which would increase fees on many parents to subsidize a few: the city wants to cut a general rent-reduction plan and redirect the money for subsidized spots.

That subsidy reduces the cost of daycare at day cares located in schools. Schools are the most convenient location for most parents.  When the new plan goes into effect, each day care will have a handful more subsidized spaces, but the increased rent will likely either drive up the price [in school daycares], or force closures.  

Mayor Tory gets on board

From the mayor’s Twitter account.

Today’s announcement from the mayor (standing behind what looks like a sign recycled from a Rob Ford presser) is to the effect that empty stores should not continue to receive a property tax rebate.

Here at Weston Web, we are grateful that the mayor has obviously been using our search feature and reading back issues. We pointed out the unfairness of this tax situation back in 2013.

Hopefully, hizonner will check through Weston Web for more hints on how to do things better in Toronto. Perhaps that will help boost his dismal 55% popularity rating.

Melodies under the mistletoe

While the snow fell down in buckets, Weston Colligate institute held their annual winter concert. The frightful weather didn’t hold any of the talents back, however. With performances from the school’s concert band, jazz band, choir, strings orchestra and countless solo acts; everyone in the audience had the time of their lives seeing the students perform. Parents, friends, students and community members braved the frigid temperatures to come see the show.

The choir kicked the night off, singing songs from hit musicals, and the classic Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis. As the night drew on the strings orchestra, Jazz and concert band played amazing instrumentals, that left the crowd speechless. The solo acts included piano duets, guitar ensembles, and even a beautiful singing solo. Every student involved in music at Weston brings their own unique sound and life to the school and music at Weston would not be the same if even just one of them was not there.

“I’ve been in the band for three years, and the winter concert is my favourite event. It really shows you how hard we’ve worked and really gets you in the holiday mood”, was what Italia Santoyo, a grade 11 student at Weston, had to say about the annual event.

The music department at Weston is run by Mr. Nadalin and is one of Weston’s most popular groups. He works tirelessly year-round to make sure that all the students involved in the music program are able to nurture their talents and showcase them to the world. Whether it be through encouraging them, teaching them and putting together two yearly concerts, Mr. Nadalin never fails to do an amazing job with his musicians. In a time where careers in the arts and music are looked down upon, Mr. Nadalin always makes sure his students know that they are extremely talented and never fails to make sure their talent is being appreciated.

“I’m really excited to perform but I don’t want to mess up. I’ve never played in front of a big crowd so I’m nervous and excited” –Isabella Truong, grade 9.

The bands and music council have been putting this concert together since the beginning of the school year, and their hard work was truly shown that night. Although the turnout was not as large as years previous, due to extreme weather; the enthusiasm of the musicians never faltered as they played and sang their hearts out. From heartwarming songs to classic holiday favourites, the band’s passion seemed to radiate off them and warmed the hearts of the guests.

While the weather outside was very frightful, the show was oh so delightful!

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