Upcoming events

Supercoffee is sponsoring community cleanups in Mount Dennis, starting tomorrow, Saturday, March 31. The cleanups will be:

  • Mar. 31st – Jane & Pinehill ravine edges. Meet 10 am Bartonville at Jane.
  • Apr.7th – Somerville & Sunnybrae ravine. Meet 10 am, West end of Glenvalley Dr.
  • Apr. 14th – Eglinton & Jane. Meet 10 a.m. at SE Flats Park, parking lot entrance.Apr. 21st – Lambton & Astoria ravine edges. Meet 10 am, Lambton at Astoria.
  • Apr. 22nd – Portage Park & trail to Humber. Meet 10 am at Portage Park.
  • Apr. 28th – Dora Spencer & Emmett Ave.: meet 10 am, Weston at Dora Spencer Rd.

Egg hunt at Elm Park

The Weston Village inaugural Easter egg hunt will be this Sunday from 9:30 to 11 (or, more likely, 9:30 to 9:31). Rumour has it that the Easter Bunny will be dropping by!

If you’re interested in contributing to this super-great idea, hop on by the Weston Village Neighbours’ Group on Facebook. If you’re not on Facebook, let me know, and I’ll help.



Upcoming events

Frontlines is starting up another Front Burners program for those between 18 and 29 and looking for culinary skills.

The Weston Historical Society will host a presentation on the Social History of Medicine on Wednesday 4, and all are welcome.

And, finally, Weston’s finest teacher is starting the next section of the ever-excellent writing group. You can join a supportive community for eight sessions of creative writing, at the Weston Library starting April 10.

Upcoming events

UrbanArts is having its Beats.Mind.Movement showcase on Tuesday, March 20 at the Junction City Music Hall.

Also on Tuesday, Metrolinx will be updating Mount Dennizens about the Eglinton Crosstown at an Open house at the York Rec Centre, starting at 6:30.

ACORN will be having a march against gentrification on Saturday, March 24, starting at 12.

The Weston Heritage Conservation District and the Weston Village Residents’ Association will be having twin AGMs on Monday, March 26 at the York West Active Living Centre.

Events this week

UrbanArts will be having its 30th-anniversary Annual General Meeting this week, on March 6. It should be exciting: UrbanArts recently announced that it will be a program partner for the Weston Common hub.

The North York Women’s Centre will be hosting the Weston Mount Dennis Women’s Entrepreneurship Festival on International Women’s Day (Thursday, March 8th), at the Learning Enrichment Foundation.

The Weston-Mount Dennis Women’s Entrepreneurship Festival is a one-day event that will celebrate diverse women’s enterprises and promote entrepreneurship as a means of gaining economic independence, a critical component of women’s empowerment locally and internationally. It includes workshops, panels, local women-led food vendors and information tables.

The York West Active Living Centre is looking for two volunteers to staff its board of directors. Applications are due March 9.

The Mount Dennis Library will be having STEM afternoon camps, starting at 2 pm during March Break (from Monday, March 12th to Friday, March 16th)

Interested in finding out how to code, build robots and circuits, and create your own 3D objects? Pop-Up Learning Labs will be visiting Mount Dennis branch this March to offer STEM afternoon camps for children aged 9-12. Explore new technologies, learn all about coding and circuitry, and get the chance to print your own 3D objects! Register in person by visiting the Mount Dennis Branch, or by calling at 416-394-1008.

Tickets are still available for Frontlines annual fundraising dinner on April 28. It’s a blast.

Frontlines poster