Upcoming events

The last episode of “Run it Black” will be tomorrow, July 30 at 6 PM. It will feature Tafari Anthony, a “Toronto based artist whose music blends R&B, pop, and soul…. Known for his sleek vocal tones, sultry melodies and music which oozes with personality, Tafari leaves listeners in awe.”

You can watch this, or past shows, on Facebook.

On Friday, Frontlines will host “Beats in the Streets”, with free games, workouts, and movies for youth.

And, of course, the Weston Farmers’ Market opens this Saturday, at its new (old) location at the 16 John Street lot.

Upcoming events

 There will be yoga in Swanek Park every Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. The cost is $10, and it is will be socially distanced. Sounds great to me.

UrbanArts will he having its annual CultureShock festival online this year, from August 5–7.

Happy Canada Day!

There will be no activities on the old Weston fairgrounds this year and no fireworks to cap off the evening. Here’s a look at some of the celebrations from a few years ago.

Councillor Frances Nunziata sings with ‘Elvis’ in 2011.

Frontlines staff and volunteers at their booth in 2012.

The band entertains the crowd in 2012.

Fireworks are prepped in 2013.

Former MP Mike Sullivan talks to constituents in 2013.

Councillor Frances Nunziata addresses the crowd in 2014.

Frances Nunziata walks through the crowd in 2014.

Former MPP Laura Albanese in 2014.

Laura Albanese (foreground) greets constituents in 2014.

Just getting started in 2015.

What’s open? What’s not?

Much of Weston—and the city—is shutting down to flatten the curve. Here’s a partial list. Please help if you can by leaving a comment below. I’ll update as possible.

Closed or cancelled

  • Weston, Mount Dennis (and all other) library branches
  • York Recreation Centre
  • Shakespeare in Action
  • Mount Dennis’ Climate Action Summit
  • UrbanArts
  • Licensed daycares and schools
  • All city-run March Break camps
  • Frontlines March Break camp, as of Tuesday
  • Goodlife
  • Our MP’s constituency office


  • Weston King Neighbourhood Centre
  • Most small business, including Black Cat, P&M’s, and supercoffee, which are doing a bang-up job.

Black Cat, Weston’s finest café, has an offer for you if you’re having a hard time getting to the store. Justin says that if you can’t make it to the grocery, he can order in baked goods, eggs, and milk for you. Justin, you’re a hell of a guy.

P&M’s is offering to order meat, sauce, and seafood, if you’re in a tight spot.  I love you guys!


Upcoming events

On Wednesday, February 26, the Mount Dennis ecoNeighbourhood association will be hosting a town hall on climate action plans.

Two groups recently received $15,000  in city grants:

“Hopefully we would strengthen everybody’s response to climate action, whether you’re going to plant a tree in your backyard or you’re going to eat more tofu,” said Mike Mattos, president of the Mount Dennis Community Association and member of the Mount Dennis Eco-Neighbourhood Initiative.

“Whatever it is you decide to do, we should be bringing resources to help people make the changes in their lives.”

On March 2, Frances Nunziata’s office will be hosting an information session on construction coming to Weston Road betwen Lawrence and Humberview.

The city will be upgrading the sewer system on Weston and will be improving the intersections at St Phillip, Church, John, and Lawrence.

The planned work includes widened sidewalks and tactile plates, as well as new trees, planters, and permeable paving.

The meeting will be held in the Rockport Hall at Artscape Weston Common (34 John Street) from 6:30-8:30 PM. The meeting will be in an open house format with panels you can walk around and view with a presentation at 7 P