Two residents at In Touch may have died of starvation

Two residents of the In Touch Retirement Home may have died from neglect and starvation according to a front-page article in the Toronto Star.

Two elderly residents died after suffering severe malnutrition and weight loss at a Toronto retirement home, their families and friends charge….

Family and friends of Farrell and Henderson told the Star both died because the food was cheap and no one in the home helped with their struggle to eat.

The In Touch Retirement Home is at the corner of King and Rosemount in the old Tyrrell House. It was recently investigated by an undercover reporter from the Star, who found deplorable, filthy conditions. Another resident, Christos Atahasiou, died of pneumonia on October 31.

Resident of In Touch retirement home dies

Last month, the In Touch retirement home in Weston was exposed as a dreadful, understaffed, filthy and dangerous place in an undercover investigation by the Toronto Star. The Star now reports that a resident who featured prominently in its reporting has died.

The man had been known only as “Sam” to protect his identity. His real name was Christos Atahasiou. He died on October 31, of pneumonia.

A health care source told the Star that Athanasiou developed pneumonia at In Touch, because “he was always cold” and died on October 31, after his relatives took him to the hospital.

At his funeral in Scarborough last Wednesday, Athanasiou’s nephew said he smoked most of his life and simply died, as old men do.

Brazao, who lived with Athanasiou for a week, said “he was a sweet, sweet man.” Athanasiou frequently tried to open doors and leave. “Help me, I want to go home,” he said the day Brazao left the west end Toronto residence.

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Retirement home on King is deplorable

The Star is running a front-page article on the deplorable conditions in the In Touch retirement home in Weston.

People left in urine and feces-filled diapers for hours. Washrooms with no toilet paper so residents, some suffering from dementia, wiped themselves with their hands or a flimsy communal towel. No stimulation. Bad food. Poorly trained and underpaid staff, with just one on duty overnight.

The In Touch retirement home is in the Tyrrell house at King and Rosemount.

The Star sent a reporter undercover to live at the house for one week. What he found is shocking.

West Park Healthcare Centre to offer primary healthcare

Are you struggling to find a family doctor? Do you have to go to another location for appointments with other health care professionals or to fill a prescription? Good news may come soon from West Park Healthcare Centre, which has announced that a team of health care professionals will be set up in the near future to cover ‘primary health care’. Details at the moment are sketchy, but the announcement can only be good news to people in the Weston community.

In addition to doctors, the team will include other professionals such as a dietician, nurse practitioner, social worker, patient educator, pharmacist, and chiropodist. Presumably patient records and referrals would be shared so that many needs could be met by a single team. One drawback is the lack of TTC service to the main buildings— currently it’s quite a walk along Buttonwood Avenue from the nearest stop at Weston and Jane, especially if you’re fighting a cold.

West Park’s Director of Public Relations, Vince Rice, says that more details will be available once written confirmation of the announcement is received from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. He also says that West Park continues to lobby the TTC for a closer drop-off location, but has so far been unsuccessful.

WestonWeb will bring you further details as soon as they are announced.