Yet Another Back Up Power Facility Update


In MPP Laura Albanese’s latest e-newsletter, she comments on the Kodak Lands back-up generator issue,

Most commuters would agree that power failure such as that which occurred at the TTC recently due to weather conditions is a concern, and that some type of Backup Power for the Eglinton Crosstown would be beneficial in case of power outages. I am advocating together with the community for an alternative energy option, if one is viable.

The TTC power outage definitely is a concern but was caused by a transformer failure in a system built in the 1950s that is starved of funds and basically held together with masking tape and chewing gum. The transformer was the only source of power to that part of the subway. Had there been another connection to the power grid, subway service would have continued smoothly.

The alternative to building a gas fired generator on the Crosstown Line is to have more than one connection to the electrical grid. According to Metrolinx’s Jamie Robinson, it’s as simple as that. Although a battery option would be a quiet, emission-free solution if another connection was impossible, if we don’t need a generator, we don’t need alternative energy or diesel or windmills.

We certainly don’t need another building on the Kodak Lands site.

What happens next? There will no doubt be some expensive consultants’ reports that will declare the unworkability or huge expense of an alternate energy solution. They will then have to reluctantly recommend a gas generator.

The bottom line seems to be that based on faulty logic, someone is determined to sell Metrolinx a gas-fired generating station and it’s going to be built regardless of need or the wishes of the community.

I call BS.