A word about our coverage

Let me get this out of the way: Over the past day, I’ve printed a couple of articles that reflect the critical national coverage of Mike Sullivan.

I like Mike Sullivan. I like him a lot. I think he’s going to be a great MP, and, with the possible exception of this incident, he’s been very good so far. He’s been prominent in the House already, and he’s certainly a community leader. I was just delighted when he won, but I promised myself that I would be every bit as hard on him as I was on his predecessor, Alan Tonks. I expect very good things from my representative.

For what it’s worth, I like Paul Ferreira a lot too. He’s been very generous with his time, and he strikes me as a decent fellow. And one thing deserves special emphasis: Ferreira has never been accused, even by the Liberals, of doing anything wrong. Not one thing. A perfect gentleman.

A few people, including my wife and a good friend, have asked me why I don’t have more critical coverage of Laura Albanese. I think this is a little misplaced, since I haven’t really been critical of Ferreira. And I did have brutal coverage of Alan Tonks, Mike Sullivan’s opponent.[1]

But sure, I’d love to. Like I said: I expect great things of my representative. I think Albanese’s been quite good, but I’m sure there are things she could have done better.  I’d love to bring those to light.

Here’s the thing though: I have a job! And two kids! And judo lessons to give! There really is only so much I can do.

And here’s the other thing: I can’t very well not cover Mike Sullivan when he’s national news. He’s been in the Montreal Gazette, the CBC, and the Globe and Mail.  Laura Albanese, as far as I know, hasn’t.

But I have a deal for you, dear reader: if you can dig up a good story, with bullet-proof evidence, on the Liberals or Albanese’s record, I’ll run it—if I think I won’t get sued.

For that matter, I’ll run any good story on our community. There are three little links up there to the right. If you want to discuss, knock yourself out. If you want to write, drop me a line. If you have a tip, you know what to do.



[1] I knew I had made it when Tonks wouldn’t talk to me at a community barbecue. That was a great day.

About the ads

I see that the Conservatives and Liberals have started doing negative advertising on WestonWeb.

Sorry about that.

Rest assured, I do not chose the ads that run here. Google chooses the ads, based on the content of the site and what their computers think might interest you, the reader.

I can’t choose the ads that do run, but I can make sure some ads don’t. Right now, I ban ads about guns, weapons, and criminal pardons. I feel OK about that.

I don’t feel right about banning politics ads, even negative ones. So, until October 6, we’re stuck with nasty character assassination campaigns.



Pleased as punch!

Your humble correspondent has been given a small and temporary promotion. For the next 5 weeks or so, I will also be blogging for the Toronto Star’s “Speak Your Mind” election site. I’ll be covering our riding, York South–Weston.

The site, I hear, will go live tomorrow, and I’ll be writing about one post a week. If you have any topics you’d like me to cover or any questions you’d like me to ask of your representatives, I’m all ears. Leave a comment or drop me a line over there with the “Send us a tip” link.


Our new forum

By popular demand,¹ we present our newest and greatest creation: WestonTalk. It’s a forum where you can talk about Weston.

Forums only work if a community gets involved, so we hope you’ll stop by and register. Start a topic, post your garage sale, notify us about new events or lost pets—write about whatever you want.

Registration is free, of course.

The direct link is WestonWeb.ca/forum/





¹One person asked.