A great disturbance in the Force

I’m sorry that WestonWeb.ca was taken off the air for a few days.

We pay a company to host our site, and that company had a major outage. Many, many sites were taken down, and great drama ensued. It was, apparently, caused by one person sending one ill-conceived typed command to the servers. When she or he pressed “Enter”, millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

Restoring the files has taken quite a bit of time.

I confess, I was just a touch worried that eight years of my life’s work writing had been deleted, but I’m glad to say that it appears that nothing was lost, and my hope of someday one-upping my wife by having my work archived by someone, somewhere, remains intact.

We are a bit behind on the news, however, and emails last week didn’t get sent out to our newsletter subscribers—sorry about that.

Remember all: backup early and backup often.


3000 posts!

Every once in a while, we pass a big milestone here at WestonWeb. I am absolutely delighted to say that is our 3000th post!  We’ve had more than 500,000 views and 4,200 comments over the eight years we’ve been tapping away.

But, of course, we don’t do it for the fame and glory.¹  We do it because it’s fun—and, I hope, useful.

Roy, thank you for sticking with this kooky project for so long. You are a great guy and a dogged writer. It’s been great working with you at the other end of the wire.

Maureen, thank you for reading every single word we write. If I have a voice—I think of it as tobacco scarred and whiskey soothed, but I bet it’s more croaky than husky—it’s because I’ve been talking to you.

And readers, thank you for reading, and commenting, and tipping us off to great stories.

Here’s to 3000 more!

¹ Yes we do.



We are now on Mastodon

WestonWeb is now on Mastodon, the anti-Twitter.

Mastodon is a decentralized, non-commercial, micro-blogging service–Twitter, but better. Your correspondent is pretty tired of the data-rubber-gloving that the big companies do, so I thought I’d try to make Mastodon a bit better by pushing our blog out there, too.

Of course, you don’t need to join Mastodon to follow along; we’ll still be on Twitter, Facebook, and the old-fashioned internet–but if you feel like sticking it to the man just a little bit, I hope you’ll consider joining us.


Welcome Yafet, our new contributor

Please welcome Yafet Tewelde as our newest contributor.

Yafet says:

For close to 20 years he has been working on addressing the material needs that have long been excluded from marginalized communities in Toronto. I have done this through political organizing, the social service, post-secondary teaching, academic research, and as a senior executive leader.
Yafet, we’re lucky to have you! Thanks for joining us.