Unscientific poll: Who will you vote for?

The campaign is underway. If the election were today, how would you vote?

As we get closer to the end of the campaign, I’ll survey again to see how your views have changed.

I’m not collecting any identifying information. You could, then, stuff this ballot. I’m trusting you not to. I wouldn’t use that info for anything at all even if I were collecting it.

You can see the responses here.

Starting a new project–can you help?

In my ongoing efforts to become the world’s sexiest man (lots of effort, very ongoing), I’m taking a class on radio documentary production. I’d like to make my documentary about Weston. Can you help?

I’m considering a doc on Weston’s lost industries. Can you help me fill in the blanks?

  • Do you know anyone who used to work at a local industry that might be interested in speaking to me and my microphone?
  • Can you help me with a list of the industries in Weston and Mount Dennis? Moffat, CCM. A little further abroad: Crown Cork and Seal, Maple Leaf. What else?