Amber Alert cancelled: child found

An Amber Alert was issued early this morning when a running car was stolen from the area of Jane and Lawrence. A four-year-old child was in the car at the time.

Both the child and the car were found a short distance away a few hours later in a parking lot on Rosemount Avenue. The child was unharmed.

She was found by a sharp-eyed employee of a property maintenance company doing rounds.

“Our employee John got there to do his litter pick-up and happened to notice that the black Camry was running and then realized that that was the black Camry that he heard [about] on the radio all morning,” company owner Jon Agg told CBC Toronto in a telephone interview. “Then he looked in the back seat and sure enough there was the little girl.”

Has anyone seen the other candidates?

In theory, three people are running for election in Ward 11. Dear reader, have you seen them?

Dory Calhoub has a website. It doesn’t say much. His Facebook profile is empty. So is Twitter. He did show up for at least one community meeting, but otherwise he seems quite hard to find.

Calhoub, though, is leagues ahead of Jose Garcia, who does not appear to even have a website.

If you see one of these missing candidates, would you please let them know we’ve been looking for them?