Metrolinx to make plans clear on guided walk May 9

The Mount Dennis Community Association and Metrolinx will be meeting for a walk through Eglinton Flats, to discuss Metrolinx’s controversial proposal to build an elevated train through the parks.

The meeting will be Monday, May 9 at 6 p.m. and will start where Pearen Park reaches Eglinton Avenue:

Here, I believe.

The MDCA says they believe the LRT will run “entirely WITHIN Fergie Brown Park from the point we wil meet until it is almost at Jane Street.”(Emphasis theirs.) They are also concerned Metrolinx’s images make the tracks seem lower than they will be.

Putting the train through the park would be disruptive to people, but it would also destroy woodlands, the MDCA says. “We expect that most of the woodland area west of Jane… will be clear-cut to accommodate the LRT, likely with serious damage to the wetlands that separate the woods from the playing fields”.


Mount Dennis college campus gets a bit closer

The City of Toronto and George Brown College announced this week that they “will work collaboratively to explore a new campus project in the Mount Dennis area”.

A staff report said that there were three possible locations: the York Civic Centre, the corner of Eglinton and Photography Drive, and the area of the parking lot at 1169 Weston Road and the Mount Dennis Community Hall.

The president of George Brown said in the press release, “we see a community that is brimming with potential, and we are thrilled to be partnering with the City of Toronto to explore the amazing possibility and feasibility of a satellite campus in the area.”

Upcoming events

The Mount Dennis Community Association will be hosting a Jane’s Walk this Saturday, May 7 at 2 pm. They

are hoping to explore the next stage of the LRT this year with a walk from the Mount Dennis station west towards Jane Street.  The elevated guideway was nobody’s first choice, and the current plan in our opinion destroys too much of our parks.  The walk starts at 2pm

11 storey building at 971 Weston proposed

The city has received an application to demolish the building at 971 Weston Road as part of a plan to build two 11-storey buildings on the lot that runs from 955–975 Weston Road, at the edge of Mount Dennis. The building is presently vacant.

The buildings would contain 617 rental units.

From the application

City staff have identified a number of issues to be resolved, including

  • Whether the plan aligns with the new Mount Dennis Planning Framework
  • “The proposed height, built form, massing, transition and scale of the towers and base building in relation to the existing and planned built form context of the area”
  • Whether the rents will be affordable
  • “The mix and size of dwelling units;”
  • Indoor and outdoor amenity space;
  • The quality of the building materials

Etobicoke York Community Council will consider the demolition application and a community consultation on April 19.

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Mount Dennis’ Wikipedia page is a mess

It’s not really news, but hey, it’s been a slow week.

If you have nothing to do but make the world a (slightly) better place, or if, perhaps, you have a class full of students who could use a real-world exercise, the Wikipedia page for Mount Dennis is a mess.

It’s full of errors, odd choices, and pretty wicked cut-and-pasting. It also doesn’t do Mount Dennis a bit of justice.

Events at the Mount Dennis Library Youth Hub

There’s a lot planned for the Mount Dennis Library Youth Hub.

On Monday, April 4, they’ll be starting a Graphic Novel Book Club

Join us in the Youth Hub to discuss the first volume in Kousuke Oono’s Way of the House Husband series.  

On Thursday, April 7, they will have a Board Game Night

Make new friends while exploring the Youth Hub’s board game collection.

On Tuesday, April 12, they will have Calm Colouring

Colouring is a relaxing way to unwind after school and reduce stress.

All events start at 4 p.m. and go until 6.

Eglinton Flats LRT drawings released

Metrolinx has released some drawings of the controversial Eglinton Flats LRT overpass. They are seeking community feedback on the design.

Metrolinx will be building an elevated bridge through Pearen Park, Fergy Brown Park, and the Eglinton Flats to carry trains across the Humber River valley. The rest of the Eglinton West LRT extension will be built underground, but going under the river would have been too expensive, Metrolinx says.

The survey asks how the space under the bridge should used, how much vegetation there should be, and what the lights and walls should look like.

The Mount Dennis Community Association is not pleased. They say:

  • There are no drawings to show exactly where the LRT will be in the Flats
  • Metrolinx has not done a good job of consulting
  • Recreation space will be lost
  • A construction road and staging area are not shown
  • It’s not clear if the bike path will be rerouted