Pleased as punch!

Your humble correspondent has been given a small and temporary promotion. For the next 5 weeks or so, I will also be blogging for the Toronto Star’s “Speak Your Mind” election site. I’ll be covering our riding, York South–Weston.

The site, I hear, will go live tomorrow, and I’ll be writing about one post a week. If you have any topics you’d like me to cover or any questions you’d like me to ask of your representatives, I’m all ears. Leave a comment or drop me a line over there with the “Send us a tip” link.


All-candidates meeting announced

The Mount Dennis Community Association has corralled the provincial candidates for an all-candidates debate to be held Wednesday, Sept 14, from 7 – 9 pm at the Learning Enrichment Foundation at 116 Industry Street.

The candidates from all 3 major parties will attend; they are:

  • Laura Albanese for the Liberals
  • Lan Daniel for the Conservatives
  • Paul Ferreira for the NDP

Tories Announce Provincial Election Candidate

The Provincial Progressive Conservatives have announced that Lan Daniel will be the York South-Weston candidate in the October 6 election. She is the wife of brand new Federal Tory MP for Don Valley East, Joe Daniel. According to Joe’s website, they run a graphics design business  in the Don Valley East riding.

Presumably Tory leader Tim Hudak couldn’t find a qualified Progressive Conservative living in York South-Weston to be the official candidate. It can only be hoped that Ms Daniel will get up to speed with the issues in this riding and will be able to explain why she is better qualified than a resident candidate. This, after all, was a major issue in Alan Tonks’ recent defeat.

Ms Daniel will be running against incumbent Liberal MPP Laura Albanese, and, for the NDP, former York South-Weston MPP, Paul Ferreira.