Where in Weston #8 Answer.

The reader ‘R’ came the closest, “The stairs leading down to the Humber by the North West corner of St.Philips”.

Where in Weston #8.

The style is the same – note the bike rail in the top right of the image – but these stairs lead to Lions Park from Hickory Tree Road.

Wide shot of the stairs taken May 9: Where in Weston #8.


Where in Weston #8

This harsh looking photo is of a place where metal meets concrete. Can you tell where it is in Weston?

Where in Weston #8.

If you think you know where this is, write your guess in the comments section. The answer will be published tomorrow¬†on Monday (even we think it’s too nice outside to be reading WW).

Where in Weston #7 Answer

This one seemed to pose no difficulty and Tasha quickly identified (right pillar by steps) our beautiful Arts and Crafts library as the location of #7.

Weston Library – Decorative outdoor festooning by Toronto Hydro, Bell Canada and Rogers Cable.

Where in Weston #7

Speaking of James Gove, can you locate where this sample of his handiwork is located?

Where in Weston #7

If you think you know where this is, write your guess in the comments section. The answer will be published tomorrow.

Meet Alfie

Alfie belongs to Toronto Cat Rescue and is a temporary addition to the Murray household until he can recover from a front leg injury. He’s only a few weeks old and was found abandoned in a Toronto laneway with a severe cut to his front leg. In addition to these troubles, he needed to have a fly larva removed from his neck. In a few days, once Alfie is well enough, he’ll be off to the Royal York Pet Valu at 4242 Dundas Street from where he will be adopted.

He’s very friendly and has mixed in well with our other cats.

Alfie playing with one of the (four!) Murray cats.

Toronto Cat Rescue adopts out thousands of cats every year and has hundreds of foster homes which keep cats in a home setting until adoption. Kittens like Alfie are adopted very quickly and so they move to a store where volunteers look after them until they can leave with their new family.

The adoption fee for kittens is $175.00 and the money helps cover vet bills and other expenses. TCR is always looking for volunteers; if you’d like to look after a cat or kitten, give them a call.

Where in Weston #6 Answer.

Mike quickly solved #6. The clue is in the height of the distinctive James Gove stonework that can be seen in many locations around Weston.

Where in Weston #6.
Little Avenue Memorial Park and the distinctive James Gove border wall. (Click to enlarge)

More about the park here.