Grand old dame takes a bough

The biggest tree I know of in Weston has come down. It was huge–it would take three men to hug, and tall, and lovely. And, unfortunately, it had been gravely ill for at least a few years.

The tree was on Queens Drive, near Elm. And, in fact, it was an elm tree—one of the last.

I counted the rings this morning; it was about 100 and had grown very fast. The rings were in some places as broad as my finger. I take comfort in that, because while trees here and there do come down, the others are growing imperceptibly but abundantly.


Another bad week for crime in Weston

Your humble correspondent can hardly claim to understand the mind of a criminal. He has had a lovely life, unstained by poverty, addiction or the drawing of deuces at the genetic table. Still, some crimes seem even less fathomable than others to him. Brawling? That makes some sense. Black Bloc protest he can see through a glass darkly. But robbery of the poor and hardworking? Assaulting the marginal and preying on the vulnerable? No. No and no.

Why would seven junkies, thugs, or nincompoops rob a deliveryman for 1 Plus 3 Pizza–not even a swishy pizza chain!–last week while he was making a delivery to an apartment building on Weston Road? The man lost his cash, phone, and food to the social lice. What leads (makes? allows?) people to do this to others trying hard–really hard–to make an honest buck?

The heart despairs.

Extreme heat alert for Toronto

It’s hot out already, and it’s not even noon. Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Toronto’s Acting Medical Officer of Health, has issued an Extreme Heat Alert until further notice.

The Library is open and air conditioned, as is the Pelmo Community Centre. Weston Lions Pool is fantastic—and was not very busy yesterday, when I was there with the kids. Admission is free, and the water is cold. Bring a pair of flip-flops, though; the change rooms are, well, well travelled.

By  angietorres