A note from a reader

Despite the moaning of commuters with Friday’s snowstorm, Saturday was an amazing bluebird day.

While some people grabbed their skis and slogged up the 400, we were able to enjoy the conditions in Weston.

We grabbed our snow shoes and headed down to Weston Lions and Raymore Parks. We only saw a few other people: one other on show shoes, one with cross country skis and a few with dogs. The parks were clean, quiet and beautiful.

This was our first time exploring the Humber in the winter, although we are both cycling or running through here in the summer. It was a whole new experience in our wonderful village.

Weston is still pedestrian friendly in the winter. Just please, be nice and clear your ice! Especially on Weston Road itself!

Kind regards, avid Weston Web readers

Katie & Carlos Rodas

Weston a quite walkable town

Even if you’re not a subscriber to Spacing or a frequenter of the Drake, you’ll know that there’s a new push for urbanism (and an old push against it by a certain beleaguered mayor and his ilk).

The new urbanists have their opponents licked when it comes to data and mapping—they can whip together a mashup faster than Ford find a drivethru—and our fair town does admirably well on one of the measures of desire: walkability. We get a 73%, or “Very Walkable” score on Walkscore.com, which indexes towns and neighbourhoods automatically.

The site says that most of your daily chores can be accomplished on foot in Weston—true, if you ask me—and that there is plenty of transit. The Junction beats us, but we have the chi-chi Baby Point licked. They have a lousy 70%.



First annual Griswold awards

WestonWeb is pleased to announce the first annual Clark Griswold award for Christmas decorations. The winners were chosen by an illustrious panel of judges (my kids) based on rigorous criteria (how long we’d been driving around the neighbourhood in my station wagon; the longer, the higher the ratings, in the hope I’d call it quits).

Third prize, a VHS copy of “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, goes to this lovely house on Wendell. Congratulations!


Second prize, a fire-extinguisher (for the first time the fabric touches the lights) goes to this awesome house on Meadow Oak. My son loves your place. 13 inflatable Santas! With music! And synchronized lights! Think of your neighbours, man!

First prize, an all-expenses paid, one-way ambulance trip to the Church Street hospital– for when you try to get the lights down from the top of the tree with snow on the ground (no return ticket is needed, since nobody ever makes it out)–goes to my daughter’s favourite house, on Portage. I’m thinking you work for a lift company, because getting the lights to the top of that massive pine tree would have needed flying reindeer otherwise. Well done!


Congratulations to all! Readers are welcome to submit their favourites. The kids started weeping before I could finish the tour.

Grand old dame takes a bough

The biggest tree I know of in Weston has come down. It was huge–it would take three men to hug, and tall, and lovely. And, unfortunately, it had been gravely ill for at least a few years.

The tree was on Queens Drive, near Elm. And, in fact, it was an elm tree—one of the last.

I counted the rings this morning; it was about 100 and had grown very fast. The rings were in some places as broad as my finger. I take comfort in that, because while trees here and there do come down, the others are growing imperceptibly but abundantly.


Another bad week for crime in Weston

Your humble correspondent can hardly claim to understand the mind of a criminal. He has had a lovely life, unstained by poverty, addiction or the drawing of deuces at the genetic table. Still, some crimes seem even less fathomable than others to him. Brawling? That makes some sense. Black Bloc protest he can see through a glass darkly. But robbery of the poor and hardworking? Assaulting the marginal and preying on the vulnerable? No. No and no.

Why would seven junkies, thugs, or nincompoops rob a deliveryman for 1 Plus 3 Pizza–not even a swishy pizza chain!–last week while he was making a delivery to an apartment building on Weston Road? The man lost his cash, phone, and food to the social lice. What leads (makes? allows?) people to do this to others trying hard–really hard–to make an honest buck?

The heart despairs.

Extreme heat alert for Toronto

It’s hot out already, and it’s not even noon. Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Toronto’s Acting Medical Officer of Health, has issued an Extreme Heat Alert until further notice.

The Library is open and air conditioned, as is the Pelmo Community Centre. Weston Lions Pool is fantastic—and was not very busy yesterday, when I was there with the kids. Admission is free, and the water is cold. Bring a pair of flip-flops, though; the change rooms are, well, well travelled.

By  angietorres