Cool pictures

Speaking of pictures, Muller Zergaber, a photojournalist, was kind enough to post a guest photo to our Facebook group. It’s superb–and it really captures the brutal weather we’ve had this week.

By Muller Zergaber

Muller posts now and then to the Weston Village Neighbour’s group, and boy, is he good.

Muller Zergaber from Weston Neighbour’s group

If you have any photos or news, I hope you’ll feel inclined to post it over on Weston’s second-best Facebook news group.

Sorry about the slow posting

Very sorry about the slow posting. I was laid low with a cold that sapped me of my will to live, let alone my will to sit in front of a computer. I’m feeling better now, though, thanks for asking, and I’m ready to go!

In unrelated news, I bought a new (used) camera. Since it’s been a quiet week, here’s a photo I took–I liked it, but I couldn’t tell you why. Perhaps it’s because I felt like garbage?