Nunziata votes against increasing number of wards

Frances Nunziata voted against increasing the number of Toronto wards in City Council today. She, and the mayor, were on the losing side, however, and there will soon be three more wards, raising the total to 47. The boundaries of Ward 11, however, will not be affected.

Depending on who you ask, the new wards are either a power grab for downtown, or reflect increasing density. Our ward was unaffected because we had at last count only 62,000 people.

Community Centre Opening Delayed – again.

For those not on Councillor Nunziata’s email list, news has arrived that the opening of the long awaited community centre will be further delayed. The expensive Centre at Eglinton and Black Creek has been tantalizing passing drivers for months as it looks very close to completion.

The word is that the opening will occur sometime towards the end of this year or early next. The opening date has been pushed back several times already and this latest delay is another blow to those in the fortunate position of actually being able to access the facility (mainly drivers).

Last day of the market

Today was the last day of the Weston Farmers’ Market. I went with my family at midday, when the vendors were beginning to wind down. There was a pronounced melancholy in the air, along with the threat of rain.

2collageThe three local politicians were there, announcing to a small crowd a new—and quite nice—mural facing the GO parking lot. It has a quite different aesthetic than most of the murals in town: more abstract, with an 1980’s colour palette.