Weston-area McDonalds given a conditional pass

What do you expect when you let a clown do the cooking?

The McDonalds at 1700 Wilson Ave was given a yellow card by Toronto Public Health on August 13.

The ‘restaurant’, which is in Sheridan Mall, was given a warning for “failing to maintain rooms free of animals”, being dirty, and not providing an accurate thermometer.

Public Health revisited the restaurant on Monday and gave it a green card.

Al-Baraka Variety Store gets a yellow card

When I go out for food in Weston, I’m never sure whether I’m going to get an undiscovered gem, or undiscovered phlegm.

Al-Baraka Variety was given a conditional pass on July 20 for failing to provide for employee hygiene, improper sanitation of food surfaces, and failing to clean the bathroom.

The variety store was given a green card in a follow-up inspection on July 22.

Al Barak 1880 Weston

Capitalism is great

Weston doesn’t have a decent coffee shop—and no,  Tim’s does not count. A decent coffee shop has more than one coffee, brewed strong. A decent coffee shop has pastries and muffins made fresh, not tired old donuts rolled frozen down the 401.

Now, however, the old clock-repair and computer shop on John St is being renovated. The inside has been entirely gutted, and a sign on the window says that the Bela Cafe will be opening soon.

The owners have chosen a great location. Their shop is just down the shop from the GO station, where tired commuters gather every day in the snow. With a little luck, the café will serve excellent coffee and treats, not cups merely good enough to keep commuters coming.


Asian Grocery and Spices feeling the heat

Asian Grocery and Spices at 1956 Jane St has received a conditional pass from DineSafe.

The grocery store did not provide washroom supplies and did not use a thermometer to keep customers’ food at safe temperatures. Both of these are significant infractions. The store also did not meet the washroom requirements, which is a minor infraction.

Neighbourhood restaurants given conditional passes

Two neighbourhood restaurants were recently given conditional passes.

Golden Star Restaurant, at 2133 Jane, failed to protect food from contamination and did not properly maintain its equipment. The proprietors should have known better: they have received three other conditional passes in the past two years, and they are, according Public Health, a high risk restaurant that must be inspected three times a year. High risk restaurants serve a high-risk population, use risky processes and food, or have been implicated as the source of a previous outbreak.

Another restaurant in the same plaza was also given a yellow card. Ecua-Peru Fried Chicken at 2111 Jane St was given a yellow card after inspectors found a very long list of infractions, including failing to use proper utensils to ensure food safety, failing to keep hazardous food cold, and not providing bathroom supplies.

Golden Star Restaurant
Golden Star Restaurant

Central Bar and Grill takes a yellow card!

The Central Bar and Grill was given only a conditional pass by health inspectors in a recent inspection. Inspectors say that the restaurant did not store and remove waste correctly.

This is not the first time the restaurant has been given a conditional pass. In August of 2009, inspectors blasted it with six infractions, including the same error as this time. It was also cited for improper kitchen sanitation, lack of employee hand-washing, and waste disposal. The Central Bar and Grill did pass three subsequent inspections, however.

This inspection comes only shortly after the Toronto Star claimed that the business is (or was) a gang hangout.