Disc golf at Scarlett Woods

The city has a number of suggestions for what you can do this Family Day—including disc golf at Scarlett Woods.

I didn’t know (I did look) that Scarlett Woods had disc golf again this winter, but, indeed, they do.

Disc golf, if you haven’t tried, is just what it sounds like: you huck a frisbee around a golf course. It’s pretty fun—and cheap. The fancy discs are about $3o a set on Amazon, and there are no green fees—but you can play with any old frisbee you have around. And, like golf, it is much, much harder than it looks.

New rec centre planned

While it isn’t quite in Weston, the city is planning a new rec centre nearby.

The Western North York Community Centre will be built at 60 Starview Lane, near Weston Rd and the 401, and will replace the Carmine Stefano Community Centre.

From the city

According to BlogTO, the centre will include “a pool, fitness centre with multiple studios, full walking track, gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms for events, a childcare facility, outdoor green space and sports courts, and a central ‘living room’ with snack counter, gaming room and gallery.”

The centre should be complete by 2026.