Traffic changes in Weston

Etobicoke York Commmunity Council has voted to make a two changes to parking in Weston. The changes are in response to the social club on Rosemount and to parking around Weston Memorial.

No stopping will now be allowed in the area around the new social club. Parking used to be forbidden, but no traffic will be allowed to even stop. City staff say there have been “illegal parking activities associated to the business” and that the “proposed parking amendments will address concerns related to the traffic congestion on Rosemount Avenue, created by customers of the business”.

Parking on John Street near the school will get easier. Stopping will be forbidden around the times that kids are coming and going but allowed during the day. Presently, stopping is forbidden between 8 and 4. Parking will now be allowed between 9:30 and 3.

Parking around Weston Memo to change

Parents will soon find it easier to drop of their kids around Weston Memorial. City staff are changing the parking rules. Cars will be allowed to stop on the north side of John Street so children will not have to cross the road to get to school. No stopping will be allowed on the south side of the school.

Two more 15-minute parking spaces will be added on Queens Drive, because school staff brought up concerns about a shortage of space. They will be a little further along the road, just past the bus loading zone.

Mike Sullivan raises some interesting points

Mike Sullivan has a letter in The Star today, and it’s an interesting read.

Those Westonians who drive will know that we have shockingly high insurance rates—the highest in the GTA.

Why is this, ponders Sullivan. It’s not fraud. It’s not theft. It’s not that we’re bad drivers (though unless you’re me, you are). It’s that we’re poor.

When a person with benefits in their employment is injured in an accident, the employer pays the sick leave and extra medical costs. The auto insurer does not, until the employer plan is maxed out. When a person with no benefits is injured, the insurance company is on the hook for wage replacement (sick leave) and all extra medical cost from day one.


Humber Trail extension meeting

City of Toronto representatives were on hand in the Weston Library basement Wednesday night to answer questions about the latest extension to the Humber Trail. After construction, the trail will end at Mallaby Park where the new steps lead to Weston and St. Phillips. Cyclists and pedestrians wishing to continue on the northern section of the trail will have to climb the steps and make their way along Weston Road. Hopefully this will be a temporary link but in the meantime, the steps have a gutter that allows cyclists to wheel rather than carry their bikes up and down.

A plan of the trail extension.
A plan of the trail extension.

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) owns the land and the City of Toronto manages it through their Transportation and Parks departments. To continue past the steps along the Humber (subject to a feasibility study), the TRCA will need to acquire the land up to the existing trail at Fairglen and Cardell.

Adapted from Google Earth.
WestonWeb rampant speculation showing where the trail could continue north and link avoiding Weston Road altogether. Adapted from Google Earth.

If WestonWeb readers have comments on the 600m proposed trail extension, the City of Toronto Transportation Department would like to hear from you. Contact Transportation Planner Jennifer Hyland by email or Phone: 416-392-0193.

The full set of posters will be available here in the next few days.

A few votes short on humps on Purdy

Toronto staff are recommending against installing humps on Purdy Crescent, because only 46% of residents responded to the poll, even though 68% of respondents were in favour. The rules say that 50%+1 of residents must respond to get the city’s blessing.

If you are in favour of the humps, all is not lost. Frances Nunziata has the power to (and regularly does) overrule the recommendation of city staff. Etobicoke York Council will be meeting on March 21st.

And now we dance.

Weston used in CBS TV series

CBS is taping location shots for the TV series Beauty and the Beast here in Weston next week. Actors Kristin Kruek, Jay Ryan and Max Brown will be using local landmarks such as Weston Arena, Weston Park Baptist Church and Weston Pool.

Look for lane closures on Weston Road south of Lawrence between Monday and Wednesday.