Wendell to be slower; Weston to get another traffic circle

Etobicoke York Community Council overruled city staff and voted to lower the speed limit on Wendell Avenue between Queenslea and Gary Drive. The limit will be lowered from 50 to 40 km/h.
At the same meeting, Council voted (with staff) to install another roundabout–Weston’s second–at the intersection of Queenslea and Deerhurst. Two additional stop signs will also be installed.
Frances Nunziata has a history of overruling city staff recommendations when it benefits Weston.

Queenslea likely to get a traffic circle

Weston will likely get another roundabout. City staff have recommended a traffic circle for the intersection of Queenslea and Deerhurst. Community Council will consider the recommendation on October 30. It will cost about $5000.

The roundabout was proposed as an alternative to a four-way stop, which city staff recommended against.

City staff also recommended against lowering the speed limit on Wendell Avenue between Queenslea and Oak to 40 km/h. It is 50 now.

Council overrules staff, asks for humps on Purdy

Etobicoke York Community Council overruled the recommendation of city staff and has asked the city to look into speed humps on Purdy Crescent. Residents had asked for them, but staff found that the traffic does not regularly exceed the speed limit, and so they recommended against installing the bumps.

Purdy is a short, narrow street with a stop sign and cars parked on both sides. The limit, however, is 40 km/h. During a traffic survey, staff found that relatively few cars went over the limit (though one managed to reach 64 km/h). Your humble correspondent can see why residents are concerned, however: 40 is a high limit for such a short and difficult street. Among my many skills is the gift of excellent driving; I found 40 to be plenty zippy there.

Council has asked Transportation Services to survey street residents to see if they approve of the humps. This is a requirement before they can be installed, and it is a tough hurdle to cross: half of residents must respond, and 60% must be in favour.

If residents approve, two humps will be installed along the street and the limit will be lowered to 30.

Purdy Cr probably won’t get speed humps

City staff are recommending against installing speed humps on Purdy Crescent. The traffic on the street, which runs from Rosemount to Oak near the Crossroads plaza, does not go fast enough, staff say.

Purdy meets all the other criteria, including volume, grade, and design, and enough community members agree with the proposal. Nonetheless, the fastest 15% of cars go only 4 km/h (and up) over the speed limit. The city says that the fastest 15% of traffic must be speeding at least 10 km/h over the limit.

To your humble correspondent, this seems like a simple confusion. 40 is a like a high speed limit on a short residential street with a sharp bend. People going 44 are going too fast, even if they are only barely over the nominal limit.

The matter will be considered one more time, at Community Council, on September 11.

King Street closed

King Street is now closed to vehicles until next year. Until July 20, it is also closed to pedestrian traffic between 7 am and 7 pm.

Little boys and girls will thrill at the sight of huge digger trucks and cement mixers, however. Take it from me.

Nunziata to Sullivan: Weston Road and Oak Street congestion not your concern.

The 1920s era railway bridge looking south on Weston Road

If you have made the mistake recently of trying to go along St. Phillips to Weston Road stores at the Crossroads Plaza or the 401, patience is a virtue as you inch across the Humber a few cars at a time. The same goes for those heading through that same junction on Weston Road which is down to one lane at the old railway bridge. There aren’t too many alternatives although some drivers are finding a back-door route through Weston Village. According to the official City link, the work (and blocked lane) is scheduled to continue until the end of 2014.


from OAK ST to ST PHILLIPS RD. Utility relocation and road re-profilling (sic) work on Weston Rd from Oak St to St Phillips Rd and Humberview Cres. Northbound curb lane closure to be implemented continuously.
START: 2012-Mar-01 12:00:00 AM
END: 2014-Dec-31 12:00:00 AM

INFO UPDATED: 2012-Mar-14 2:33:44 PM DISTRICT: Etobicoke York
WARD: York South-Weston (11)
ID: RD2545823

Utility relocation; looking North on Weston Road

This was already a difficult bottleneck especially when tag-teamed with the lights at Oak Street but now it’s an exercise in frustration. Needless to say, people are not very happy about the delays and some raised the issue during MP Mike Sullivan’s recent town hall meeting. Sullivan agreed to follow up and ask Councillor Frances Nunziata what was being done to ease the congestion. According to Paul Ferreira at Mike Sullivan’s Office the Councillor isn’t playing ball, saying that she would rather deal with constituents directly. I checked the Councillor’s latest newsletter but sadly there was no mention of the issue. Paul helpfully included the councillor’s email address which is here: [email protected] – or you can contact her by phone at 416-392-4091.