COVID this week

The past three weeks of the pandemic have been the worst for Weston since I’ve been keeping records.

There were 117 cases of COVID in Weston in the past three weeks, passing our previous high of 105 in November.

In contrast to the first phase of the pandemic, Weston is not a hotspot. Our recent increases have been part of the broader second wave.

FreshCo coming to Weston

Jason Doolan says that the construction at Jane and Denison (Trethewey) will soon be a FreshCo grocery store.

The large, somewhat-paved lot on the southwest corner has been vacant since at least 2009.

Satellite view of the lot

Update: Mike sends the following facts:

The land used to be the Moffat Stove factory. It was supposed to be another grocery store as far back as 2004, but construction was stopped in 2006.

G&M on Weston Park development

The Globe and Mail has an article on the development at the Weston Park Baptist Church.

While many church congregations are shrinking or struggling financially, Weston Park Baptist Church is placing its faith in development plans that aim to revitalize its property in the west-end Toronto neighbourhood.

“Our vision formulated [in] 2005,” says church deacon John Frogley-Rawson. “It’s a nice piece of land, and we have developed [a plan] for the property and the community.”

It’s worth reading, because it shows how a development should be done: with community consultation and assent. It also includes much on the fate of churches, and how they will be reused and redeveloped in a secular age.

COVID this week

From the city’s portal

The number of COVID cases in Weston continues to increase. In the past 21 days, there have been 95 cases in Weston, up from 86 last week.

In the worst period to date, in November, Weston had 105 cases.

There will continue to be pop-up testing at the Jane Street Hub every Tuesday and Saturday in January.

Messiah/Complex extended until January 31

Screenshot from the video

If you missed Messiah/Complex—a completely new take on Handel’s Messiah featuring the diversity of Canada’s people and geography—now’s your chance. The online run has been extended until January 31.

This production, by Against The Grain Theatre, includes Weston’s own Elliot Madore, and the Weston Lions Arena. It received a long and flattering review in the New York Times.

Pay-what-you-can tickets are available online.

Shooting NYE

We didn’t get the year started off very well.A home in Mount Dennis was shot at early in the morning of January 1. Police found shell casings and “evidence of gunfire” at a home on Humber Blvd and Avon Avenue. There were no injuries.