Weston New-Music School Recital

Weston New-Music School Director Japs Cunanan tells me that his students of all ages  will be giving a recital this Saturday. The performances will give people (along with proud parents and friends) an idea of what is possible with music lessons.

The recital will take place at the Weston Hub and Mr. Cunanan will be there to answer questions about the school and whether or not music lessons will be a good fit for you or your child (yes he teaches adults too). Admission is free

Is Weston Public Library built with “blood money”?

The Toronto Star has a piece on the history of the Carnegie libraries, including the Weston Public Library, which were built with funds from a robber baron.

“That’s why you don’t really see Carnegie’s name on a lot of the libraries. The agreement was, ‘We’ll take his money but we won’t put his name up,’” said Woodstock Public Library chief executive officer David Harvie, whose library is one of the most architecturally stunning examples of the genre.

Weston’s Carnegie Library that was saved from demolition.

New signals on Eglinton at Pearen Park

At the Jan 8 Community Council Meeting, another item of note was the decision to install a pedestrian traffic signal across Eglinton at Pearen Park. Residents have long complained about the danger of crossing between the signals at Jane or Weston Rd (a distance of 800 metres). Roads and Traffic have in the past refused to permit a safe crossing, citing concern that it would slow traffic on Eglinton.
However, a death in 2017 caused the councillor to ask again, and this time they agreed. However, their recommendation is that it wait until 2021, and only if ‘competing priorities’ don’t get the money first ($120,000).
As reported by Simon Chamberlain, former chair of the Mount Dennis Community Association, the city advised that they are hamstrung by new rules imposed by the province that seriously limits the number of contractors the city can use to do such work. Apparently there is, as a result, a huge backlog of signal installation.
One would think that the safety of pedestrians would trump any provincial meddling. Vison Zero cannot be successful if intersections such as this one cannot be made safe. And what ‘competing priority’ is more important than the death of a pedestrian? The councillor can be reached at 416-392-4091, should you wish to urge her to order the installation sooner.

BIA looking for pop cans

The BIA is looking for a little help making a float for the Santa Claus Parade.

We’re making float pieces for the parade with recyclable materials. We need 250 empty pop cans for one float piece. If you have some, just put them in a plastic bag or box and leave them outside the BIA office door at 4 John St, Unit 3. Thank you, in advance, for your help with this request.

They could use your cans before Thursday, if you have some.

Victim named in bar shooting

I’m sorry I’m a bit late to this.

Toronto Police have named the victim of last week’s shooting at the Red Room bar on Jane. Miganeh Idris, 20, was killed at about 1:30 a.m. last Thursday when an unknown gunman entered the Red Room and shot two men. 12 Division Police have issued no description of the suspect.

Supporters of Idris’ family are raising money for the family’s expenses.