BIA looking for pop cans

The BIA is looking for a little help making a float for the Santa Claus Parade.

We’re making float pieces for the parade with recyclable materials. We need 250 empty pop cans for one float piece. If you have some, just put them in a plastic bag or box and leave them outside the BIA office door at 4 John St, Unit 3. Thank you, in advance, for your help with this request.

They could use your cans before Thursday, if you have some.

Victim named in bar shooting

I’m sorry I’m a bit late to this.

Toronto Police have named the victim of last week’s shooting at the Red Room bar on Jane. Miganeh Idris, 20, was killed at about 1:30 a.m. last Thursday when an unknown gunman entered the Red Room and shot two men. 12 Division Police have issued no description of the suspect.

Supporters of Idris’ family are raising money for the family’s expenses.

Students Strike on November 6th For Their Rights

On November 6th, students from Ryerson University, York University, Lakehead University, and the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University participated in a one day strike to combat rising tuition costs, cuts to education, and cuts to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

In January, the provincial government announced that they would be reverting their funding model to the 2016-17 model, which eliminated grants for free tuition for students with a household income of $50000 or less, lower grants for students across the board, and the added bonus of charging interest on loans from the moment a student graduates, as opposed to the interest-free six month grace period.

What does this mean for Weston? According to data from the City of Toronto website from 2016, 12% of our population is made up of youths aged 15-24. 30% of the population is considered to be living in poverty, and the median household income is just over $45000. This means that many Weston students who would have relied on these grants to receive a higher education, may not have the chance or may have had to change their plans due to the change in funding. With our unemployment rate almost 2% more than the city median and these cuts diminishing opportunities for our young people, it is no wonder we are seeing a rise in violence and criminal activity in Weston.

One Weston student who will be attending York University in the coming year had this to say: “I think this strike is good because it helps all of us. I know some of my friends were considering going to University last year, but they have had to reconsider because they just don’t have the money.”

For more information on this student strike, you can consult these links. For the City of Toronto data, click here.


I’m usually pretty pump(kin)ed about Hallowe’en in Weston, but I’ll admit last night was a bit of a challenge. The howling winds and driving rain were more than spooky backdrops: they made the night pretty tough going.

Still, hundreds and hundreds of spooks, spectres, and zentai suits swarmed the village, and it was a near thing. Only sweets hurled from porches seemed enough to repel the hordes. Terrifying decorations and costumes did nothing at all to drive them away.

Tonight there’ll be a pumpkin parade in Elm Park. The weather, for a change, looks good.