Frontlines wins $20,000

Frontlines has won a $20,000 grant from

The grant was awarded based on votes from the community, and will go towards supporting their youth culinary skills program, for those aged 18–29.

Gift ideas for your favourite Westonian

If, like me, you’ve left the Christmas shopping a little late, all is not lost. Far from it!

Squibb’s has a lot of great gifts–I scooped up a couple of mugs my kids decorated for their teachers. They are cute as anything (mugs, not kids) if I do say so: the munchkins write or draw on the porcelain then you bake the ink on with 15 minutes in the oven.[1]

Suri also sells Squibb’s honey, perfect for soothing a throat sore from four months of keeping your little monster in line, and if hand-drawn mugs aren’t your thing, there are also has a some other great, pre-drawn options.

Squibb’s also carries a selection of books with local connections, among them the The CCM Story, The Great Escape, The Barefoot Bingo Caller and Fifth Business–doubtless Weston’s biggest billing until I finish my own novel, about a boy, Thomas, who climbs into a crate of styrofoam pellets and travels the world in a closed cardboard box. I’m calling it “En Cherche Du Tom Perdu”.


You’re running out of time for delivery, but if you’re willing to drive, I can heartily recommend the Jelly Brothers printed maps of Weston and Mount Dennis. They’re gorgeous.  I love mine.


Daniel Rotsztain has created a set of pretty line-drawings of each of Toronto’s library branches, including those in Mount Dennis and Weston.

They’re also available in a colouring book!


[1] My son, demonstrating a wisdom beyond his years, resisted the urge to write “I Am Farting!” on the bottom of his teacher’s mug, to be displayed to the class every time she took a sip. Well done, Sam. You’re a better man already than I’ll ever be.

Outdoor gallery in Mount Dennis?

Laura Alderson, of the Mount Dennis BIA, has an interesting idea: make Mount Dennis the largest outdoor art gallery in Toronto. She spoke to InsideToronto about it.

“What if the mobility hub becomes a way to get tourists to the neighbourhood? What if the Mount Dennis BIA became the gateway to the largest outdoor gallery in Toronto, on Industry Street,” Alderson said. “It’s an idea the BIA is looking at pursuing in order to become a ‘destination location’ that takes advantage of the new transit infrastructure.”


Another new feature

This week, we start two new features! The Write Now! workshop offers a free 8-week writing group, Tuesday nights 6-8 at Weston Public Library, open to anyone interested in writing and learning about writing in a congenial atmosphere. WestonWeb is pleased—nay, delighted—to feature some of their work.

Erna Taverner, who has lived in Weston for 60+ years, made the choice to stay here, and she wrote about her commitment to our neighbourhood for the writing workshop.

Whatever you give energy to increases.  I like to think about Weston in this way.  I have chosen to live here in spite of the huge changes in my lifetime.  50 years ago people would leave their babies outside stores while they went in and they would still be there when they came out.  Things have changed here, as all over the city, and I want to stay here to be part of making the changing neighbourhood welcoming for all the people who come to live here now.

There is the gorgeous natural park along the river, with a bike path that leads from one end of the city to another.  We have wildlife galore with coyotes, deer, salmon etc.  We have tons of cheap eats, including Chinese, jerk, and burgers. We have such cultural diversity is challenging but also exciting.

We have great old buildings, new and old churches and  our wonderful Weston Library.  We have many different kinds of housing all sharing the same space and services.  This is a real testament to what Canada represents and the world can be.

Our train takes us downtown in 15 minutes, very cheaply for seniors.  Walk another 15 minutes and you’re  at the Centre Island Ferry. Our T.T.C. gets you to the airport so quick and it’s better (and cheaper!) than a taxi.

We have many community organizations with great services like Frontlines, the York West Active Living Centre and the Weston King Neighbourhood Centre who serve our most vulnerable, with food, clothing, housing help, medical and counselling help.  They appreciate volunteers and donations.  Ken Theobald at the Neighbourhood Centre is responsible for organizing the writing workshop, which will continue in 2018, so if you would like to register forJanuary, call Ken at  416241-9898.  The group is an interesting and welcoming mixture of ages, backgrounds and writing experience, and open to everyone.

I choose to continue to be grateful for what we are given here in Weston   The Libraries and WKNC programs help us all adapt to the new reality.  Gratitude and involvement increase happiness and well being for everyone.

Mark DeMontis is PC candidate

Mark DeMontis received the PC nomination this week. DeMontis, a long-time Westonian, may bring a new dynamic to the provincial election, which is due in roughly the next six months.

DeMontis faces a very tough field. Laura Albanese, the incumbent, is the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and has held the seat for a decade . Faisal Hassan, the NDP candidate, is a resident and long-time community activist who may be able build on disaffection with the Liberals in this left-leaning riding.

York South–Weston has long been a Liberal stronghold, but it has in the recent past voted NDP at both the provincial and federal levels. The Conservatives have never won here—but they’ve also never really campaigned.

DeMontis looks ready to change that: he went to the local crime meeting this Tuesday, and he’s been tweeting and talking for a few months now. He also has a distinguished background in the community that will serve him very well in the race.

In the last election, Albanese beat Paul Ferreira, the NDP candidate, by a respectable margin of 3400 votes (of roughly 33,000 cast); the PCs trailed 10,000 votes behind.

It would take a mighty upset for DeMontis to take the seat, but if he splits the centre vote, he may leave the flank open for Hassan.


Food drive underway

The North York Harvest food bank has started its end-of-year food drive. You can drop off food at Sunday’s Santa Claus Parade, but can I make a suggestion? Two words: hotdog buns.

I’m sure that the good people at NYH are grateful for every single donation, but if you give cash, they can buy hotdogs to go with the buns they get (or buns to go with the hotdogs). Cash doesn’t need a truck, and cash doesn’t have a best-before date. It’s everybody’s favourite Christmas present!



Terribly sorry about the lack of news. By day, I’m a college teacher, and it’s been a busy week. But here we go–back at it! I promise at least five articles a week, and five you shall have before Sunday. My word is my bond!