Two schools have COVID cases

Although it’s only the second day of class, the TDSB says that two Weston- and Mount Dennis-area schools have students with active COVID infections.

York Memorial has one confirmed case; it draws students from Mount Dennis.

Richview also has one case; it is the French Immersion high school for Weston.

The schools have not announced plans to close. These are the only two cases of students with COVID in the TDSB.

Meeting on speeding tomorrow

Frances Nunziata’s office will be holding a meeting about speeding on Church Street tomorrow, September 16, in Elm Park, starting at 6 p.m.

In her flyer, she says, “My office has received many complains about speeding on Church Street over the years. With the recent repaving I have received some requests from residents to have Transportation Services review potential modifications to the portion between Pine Street and Elm Stree to help in addressing these concerns.”

You are asked to wear a mask if you attend the meeting.

Upcoming events

And, finally, some good news.

Weston has awesome garage sales, but here’s a new twist: free stuff.

September 27 will be Second-Hand Sunday—and you’re invited to put out the treasures you no longer treasure and browse the streets to scout out what might be useful to you.

But if you’re putting out a bike or a mechanical watch, call me first!

The TTC is organizing a fund-raising run for the United Way. It will be Sunday, October 4.

More details on double murder

The police have released details on the double murder that took place in Weston this weekend.

Tiberio Barcelos, 28, is believed to have killed his parents, Joao and Iva Barcelos. He was found a short time later on the tracks, having been struck by the UP Express.

The police are asking anyone who may have known about the whereabouts of Tiberio Barcelos before the murders to contact them.

Weston the worst-hit community in Toronto

COVID hit Weston more than any other community in Toronto, according to the city’s data.

The most recent data show that there have been 1918 cases per 100,000 people in Weston, meaning that almost 2% of people here have had the virus—though the rate is probably higher, since testing was slow at the beginning of the pandemic.

City data

The median case rate in Toronto is about 1%, so Weston has about double the frequency of cases.

The number of active cases continued to climb this week. There were 15 cases in the past 21 days, up from last week.