Hot-spot pop-ups off to a rough start

The hot-spot vaccination programs may be off to a rough start, according to The Star.

Many residents in a Toronto Community Housing building on Weston Road opened their doors Friday morning, surprised to see two Humber River Hospital staff in yellow protective gear, face shields, masks and blue gloves, accompanied by a table filled with COVID-19 vaccines


“I honestly do not think that enough focus has been placed on people’s health, instead of what has been placed on (the) economy,” said 80-year-old Tidy Francis, who rushed to the doorway and yelled in the hallway to medical staff asking if he could get the vaccine. Francis said he wasn’t informed until the last minute and didn’t have the opportunity to register when outreach workers went door-to-door to sign up tenants for the vaccine.

New development to be considered at Community Council

The developers of the “Charlton Residences” at 1705 Weston Road posted a video some time ago that I missed.

It shows a 24-storey, steel-and-glass cheese-grater building that to my eye looks unfinished, with each corner of the building open, and a step-wise top. But what do I know? I’m a typist.

An April 19, the Etobicoke York Community Council will consider the application. They are proposing amendments, including

  1. 15 rental apartments to be leased to displaced residents and the Canadian Mental Health Association.
  2. Relocations plans for the people displaced by the demolition of their existing homes
  3. Six affordable apartments

George Harvey/York Memo survey

The TDSB is collecting opinions on what should be done with York Memorial and George Harvey CI.

York Memorial suffered a fire that led to a temporary merger with George Harvey, just down the street. The merger wasn’t entirely successful, however; now the TDSB would like to know residents’ opinions on what should happen next. They have re-opened a survey and are starting consultations.

There are four possible options:

  1. No Consolidation. They schools will remain separate until York Memo is rebuilt. York Memo students will remain at Scarlett Heights.
  2. George Harvey and York Memorial Consolidate in 2022, when York Memo students will move to George Harvey and then to the rebuilt York Memorial site in 2026.
  3. George Harvey and York Memorial Consolidate in 2026 at the at the York Memorial CI Site. In the meantime, Memo students will be at Scarlett Heights.
  4. George Harvey and York Memorial consolidate in 2026 at both buildings, as one school at two locations.

Man shot

A man was found shot on April 7 near Weston and Church. The police said that it’s not clear where he was shot—implying that he hadn’t been injured where he was found.

All Westonians will be eligible for a vaccine

It looks like all Westonians and Mount Denizens will be prioritized for vaccination. The details and timeline are not yet clear, but the province has said that mobile vaccination teams and pop-up clinics will come to “highly impacted neighbourhoods” and will give vaccinations “to individuals aged 18 and over.”

The mobile vaccination teams will visit “congregate settings, residential buildings, faith-based locations, and locations occupied by large employers”. It appears that the clinics will serve the rest of the community at faith-based locations and community centres.

Image via TVO

Those 50+ will also be able to get vaccinated at the city’s clinics starting on Friday; until now they’d only been vaccinated locally.

Image via TVO