Selling out Sanctuary: Westonian’s article in Now

One of Weston’s finest, Ken Theobald, has an article in Now Magazine well worth the read.

On Queen one block east of Parliament, under a playground beside St. Paul’s Basilica, there’s a mass grave. Some 800 migrants escaping the Irish Famine were buried here, victims of a typhus epidemic in 1847. The cemetery that once occupied the site was closed in 1857, the tombstones destroyed. Now this mass grave is complicating school expansion plans.

York Rec Centre open… and it is good.

The York Rec Centre is open, and it is a 67,000 square-foot sunlit marvel.

The facilities include two swimming pools (one for toddlers), a weight room, programming space, a lovely gym, and an indoor track. It’s gorgeous and, even though it was opening weekend, surprisingly quiet.

The centre is open from 7 am until 10 pm, and entry and all programs are entirely free.


Butterfly garden volunteers needed.

1An astonishing 74 species of butterfly live in Toronto all year round, and many more are summertime visitors.

Patricia Videla has been trying to get a butterfly garden started in Weston, and has recently had news to set my heart aflutter: the city has given the first go-ahead.

To get the plan off the ground, she needs

  • Five volunteers
  • Some corporate donors
  • A volunteer landscape designer, perhaps a student from a landscape design class
  • A plan for maintaining it.

If you’re interested in being part of the kick-off team, email

Frontlines starts mentoring program

Frontlines has started an excellent-sounding mentorship program, according to InsideToronto:

Many youths in the area lack a father figure, he said, or they are raised by aunts or uncles. They miss out on certain rites of passage and don’t learn the life skills that they would get from their fathers and grandfathers.

“A lot of these children are dealing with abandonment issues, they’re feeling neglected. With that there is frustration. I really feel like there’s a big lack of guidance, which, in an area like where we are, there are so many vices that are readily available to these young children and easy for them to access,” Reid said. “And, they’re very impressionable. They don’t have the same sensors that an adult would have, so they begin to adopt a lifestyle that isn’t necessarily healthy for them.”

If you would like to donate or refer a youth to the program, contact

WHCD results released next week

The results of the Weston Heritage Conservation District‘s ongoing research into creating a heritage district will be released at their AGM a week next Thursday. The research was funded by a Trillium Grant in 2011.

Parts of Weston are already in a designated heritage district and are offered some protection from “unsympathetic development“. The WHCD is now investigating expanding the district to cover most of the old village.

The group encourages those interested in attending the meeting to bring any information you may have on your home such as photos and clippings.

Map of the heritage districts

For a much more detailed map in a separate page, click here.

Date, time and location:

Thursday January 26; 6:30 – 8:00 p.m., at 2040 Weston Road (Masonic Lodge)