Weston students looking for their former teachers

Two graduates of Weston elementary schools are looking for their former teachers to give their thanks.

Parent Central is helping students find their former teachers.

If you happen to know where these teachers are, would you lend a hand?

Ms. Linda Elliott, of H.J. Alexander Community School, Weston

Omar Petralis writes:

Ms. Linda Elliott taught my full-time kindergarten program, and was instrumental in my early development. She identified me as having a gift for reading, and encouraged me in this direction as other kids in my class played with blocks. I recall being sent to the library to do “research” — and above everything feeling encouraged without having been singled out.

I graduated high school, graduated university with a B.A., and found an entry level job working for IBM. On a whim in the mid-90s, I looked her up again and she was teaching ESL at the same school. I walked into her classroom unannounced, and 25 years after the last time she saw me, she recognized me in an instant. We caught up briefly, wished each other well, and I haven’t seen her since; but that feeling of being recognized, of being remembered after all this time still brings tears to my eyes.


Ms. Suzanne Abbott, of Weston Memorial Jr Public School, York, 1980s

Valerie Smith writes:

After second grade, where I experienced a change in schools and a teacher who was less than supportive in many ways, my self-esteem was very low.

When I walked into my Grade 3 class on that early September morning, I was greeted with a warm smile and a huge “Welcome to Grade 3!” I immediately felt comfortable in Ms. Abbott’s presence. She had patience and seemed to truly love her job. During that time, I was fascinated with Newfoundland and when it came time to do a project on a province of our choice, I chose Newfoundland! Ms. Abbott just so happened to be from Newfoundland and I was able to interview her and get valuable information from her for the project.

She was also my younger brother’s first grade teacher the next year (1990-1991) and he had the same wonderful experience as I did. After she taught my brother’s class, I believe she decided to move back to Newfoundland.


Aliens invade Weston!

Weston is home to aliens. Or supernatural artifacts. Or time travellers. Or something.

Today and tomorrow, Warehouse 13, a SyFy channel production, is shooting an episode on William St. The show is about two secret service agents who are investigating a government warehouse full of supernatural artifacts.

On Thursday, William St had several old American cars parked along it, including, your humble narrator believes, one of the wackiest cars of the 1970s, the Flying Fishbowl, the AMC Pacer.

Happy Birthday to us!

Today is a big day! WestonWeb is one year old!

In the past year, we’ve published 345 posts, more than one for every working day. The response has been great: We’ve had almost 18,000 visits!   Last month alone we had more than 2800 visits.

We’ve had visitors from Syria, Portugal, China and Panama, among many others. Almost 900 people visited from the States. Welcome to Weston, all of you!

We’ve also had some illustrious guests. The Toronto Star stops by all the time, as does the Canadian Press (Watch your lunch, you ink-stained wretches!). Employees of the City of Toronto check in regularly (Keep up the good work!) as have a couple of people from the big buildings in Ottawa and Queen’s Park (Glad to have you!)

But thanks, most of all, to you, dear readers. I know that I’ve really loved this part of my day. I hope you’ve enjoyed WestonWeb too.

Weston Memorial seeking donations for garage sale

Weston Memorial Public School will be raising money at the 24th annual Queens Drive street sale, on June 11.

Brigitte, who now runs WelcomeToWeston.ca, will be selling donations on behalf of the school.

If you would like to donate some items, you can email her at [email protected]. All the proceeds will go to the school.

More models in Weston

Yes, Weston could use a decent coffee shop. And yes, Weston could use a few more good jobs.

But you simply can’t say that Weston doesn’t have enough supermodels. We have plenty of supermodels. We have more supermodels per coffee shop than just about anywhere else in the world. Our supermodel-to-good-job ratio is just nuts. Through the roof.

This week, actress and former model Amy Smart is shooting a movie in Weston, on Church St. Last week, actress and former model Maggie Q kicked butt on William.

Smart is shooting a ‘telefilm’ (I believe we once called these made-for-TV movies) called “The 12 Dates of Christmas”. It is, if I understand the nuances of the plot correctly, Groundhog Day meets Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Amy Smart