COVID this week

The third?, fourth?, nth wave of COVID led to a huge number of cases in Weston over the past three weeks. 348 people tested positive—a huge jump from 54 only two weeks ago.

The real number is almost certainly much higher, since testing is strained.

There is good news, however: the drop-in vaccination clinic at the Crossroads reported no lineups a few times this week—and even one “quiet day”.


Fundraiser for Elizabet Yitayew

The family and friends of Elizabet Yitayew, who was murdered on New Year’s Eve in Mount Dennis, are raising money on GoFundMe. According to the fundraiser, Yitayew immigrated to Canada from Ethiopia and had a 9-year-old daughter. The fundraiser is to help with Elizabet’s sister with the expenses of adoption and raising her niece.

76 donors have so far given about $5,400 of a $35,000 goal.

The alleged murderer of Yitayew was arrested at the scene.

Thank you to H for the tip.

Denison rink

Dave Bennett and a small team of volunteers are building a community ice rink at Denison park again this year. Sounds awesome!

We are continuing the 40+ year tradition of having a Community Ice Rink at our Denison Park. We have applied & received a Toronto permit and have assembled a team of 10+ neighbours to flood & shovel the ice rink. 

They’re trying to raise a bit of money to cover expenses, too.

Weston Park development: it’s big.

The “Weston Park” developers applied to the city in November with their plans for the corner of Weston and Lawrence, currently the site of the Weston Park Baptist Church and the former Scotiabank.

Castlepoint Numa would like to build a 38-storey building and a 28-storey building joined by a 3-storey podium. The buildings would contain 538 units in total.

The 38-storey building would be, I believe, the tallest yet proposed in Weston, and the development would be the second-largest—exceeded only by the proposed Greenland Farms development, with 592 units.

The developers promise “Commercial, Community, [and] Recreational Uses” and “a new sanctuary/performance hall for the Weston Park Baptist Church, a full-size gymnasium, and many flexible community spaces.”

The proposal is in the early stages, and is under review by city staff.