Shakespeare In Action is hiring

Speaking of job opportunities, Shakespeare In Action is hiring workers in the arts sector.

From a Weston Mom

My daughter was born on March 21st at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the amazing staff at Humber River hospital, we were in and out of the hospital quickly and safely. Becoming a Weston mom of two during COVID-19 has had its challenges. I also have a two year old, and like many of the other moms in Weston, or in the world for that matter, I wasn’t sure what to expect being on maternity leave during a pandemic, with two kids under two. How do I entertain my two year old and newborn in between meals and naps while my husband is working from home, I wondered?

Fortunately, living in Weston with such wonderful neighbours and an oversized lot has been a blessing.  My daughters look forward to our daily walks in the neighbourhood, saying hello to passersby from an appropriate social distance. My two year old loves admiring the John/Elm Street corner lot with the lovely Spring decorations out front, always tempted to pick up the baby toy duck under the tree. We also love stopping by nearby coffee shops and convenience stores for a sweet treat.

When we’re not walking around the neighbourhood, we keep cool in our little wading pool, listening to music while trying to drown out the Queens Drive construction noise. Many of our neighbours hang out in their yards, so we often enjoy chatting about local news, shopping and good eats.

Despite the challenge of figuring out what to do during this time, we couldn’t feel more blessed to live in Weston Village. We appreciate the Humber river rock that lines many of our homes as well as the investments that neighbours continue to make in order to help beautify the neighbourhood. Let’s continue to celebrate our village while we ride out the pandemic and look forward to better days ahead.

What have our other Weston moms and dads been up to during the pandemic? Share your ideas on how we can stay cool and entertained. Comment below or tweet us @JessDalinda or @WestonWebdotCa

UrbanArts responds to tensions in USA

This week’s newsletter from UrbanArts is long and worth a read.

Marlene McKintosh, the Executive Director, wrote an introduction on the role of UrbanArts in preventing and healing anti-Black racism:

The collective and individual traumas being experienced are extremely challenging. Anti-Black Racism is a public health crisis and we need more community-based resources to support the critical work we do with our Black residents and other racialized groups in York South-Weston. The work required to combat societal injustices cannot be done by the Black community alone. We need the dedicated support of all our community members, businesses and all governmental levels to work alongside Black communities. 

BIA is hiring

The Weston BIA is looking fo r a Westonian to pick up litter from the sidewalk and benches for one hour per day, 6 days per week, for $17 per hour.

For more info, call Marion at (416) 249-0691.