Jarryl Hagley’s accused killers on trial

The three men accused of the murder of Jarryl Hagley, in Weston’s Pizza Pizza, are on trial.

Shakiyl Shaw, his twin brother Lenneil Shaw  and Mohamed Ali-Nur are alleged to have shot Hagley, 17, in 2016. A fourth man, Winston Poyser, who owned the car used and was present at the time is testifying against the three others.

Hagley was shot and killed in Pizza Pizza when two men burst in and started firing a shotgun and a handgun. A third man was outside as a lookout. Their escape was caught on video afterwards.

Hagley had been involved in an ongoing dispute with the men, according to police. He was also known to police.

Collapsing houses demolished (but not in Weston)

Only six weeks after a house collapsed in Scarborough, the city has ordered it demolished. Yet the two houses at 2274 Weston Road have been collapsing for more than a decade and nothing has been done.

According to The Star, “Demolition is ordered only when a home is ‘structurally unsafe and it is unreasonable to carry out repairs to resolve the safety condition,’ said [a city spokesperson] in an email.

Collapsing house
Collapsing house

At least one of the abandoned houses on Weston Road is certainly structurally unsafe—its roof has completely collapsed. The other building is in slightly better condition, but looks very bad.

These two abandoned houses make me angry. To start with, they’re unsafe. They’re firetraps and accessible to pests, children, and the ill-intended.

But even if nothing bad were to come of them, they would bother me because they show that someone—or many people—don’t care about our town, its beauty, and the people who live here.

And, of course, they’re on a busy street. Everyone knows.

Frances Nunziata’s office told me that the owner ” would be submitting a permit for demolition in the coming weeks.”

We’ll see.



The Easter Egg hunt will, of course, be SUNDAY, April 21 from 10 am to 12 noon.

You can drop off plastic eggs, chocolate eggs, Easter candy, or coffee and tea at Squibbs, at 55 Queens Drive, or at 69 MacDonald. They’d also appreciate an RSVP, I know, to plan for the craziness.

In other news…

In other news (literally), Toronto.com has a new Weston correspondent. Veronica Appia has been covering our area, and others, for the past month or so.

Some of the news she’s broken:

John and Weston Signals to get Fixed

For some time, I have thought that the signals at John and Weston were broken. It cycles through continuously, with a green signal on Weston Rd for only a few seconds before it starts to change again. It makes traffic in rush hour a nightmare.
I reported it several years ago, and was told it was fine. I reported it again a few weeks ago when I noticed it cycling in the middle of the night.
I was again told it was working fine.
I asked the 311 operator if someone could call me back. I got an email from Henry Chu, who advised me to email him the nature of the issue. I did yesterday.
Today I got a call from one of the staff of transportation, who advised that indeed the car detection loop under John Street was broken and was calling for a change all the time. It will take a few weeks to fix, he said.