Frontlines launches cooking show

Frontlines has launched an online cooking show, “What’s on My Plate“, combining social issues and good recipes.

This week’s topic was traumatic grief, and the host, Shochoy Chay, showed viewers how to make a memory box to store mementos in before he cooked chicken nachos.

Zayde Wisdom, young man from Weston, drafted into the NHL

Zayde Wisdom, a young and inspiring man from Weston, has been drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers.

Image from the NHL

Wisdom grew up in poverty, sometimes having to visit the food bank. He told TSN, “It was definitely rough growing up. Money was always an issue, worried about your next meals, or worried about how you’re going to get to hockey practice where gas might have been an issue the next day.”

“We didn’t have the money to go to Food Basics or the Superstore. My mum was working multiple jobs at once doing everything she could to provide for me and my little brother, and she did, but sometimes obviously bills came first.”

Wisdom also won the E.J. McGuire Award of Excellence, given to the player “who best exemplifies the commitment to excellence through strength of character, competitiveness and athleticism.”

TSN’s video is well worth watching.

Police arrest man for stabbings

The police have arrested Kevin Williams, 44, for allegedly stabbing two people in the Weston Road and Victoria Avenue area.

The police say that two men were stabbed when they tried to break up a fight at about 4:10 in the morning on October 6. They took themselves to hospital without serious injuries. A third man, who was involved in the fight, did not receive serious injuries.

Williams has been charged with assault and assault with a weapon.

COVID cases double in Weston—faster than any community in Toronto

The number of COVID cases in the past 21 days has more than doubled in Weston. Last week, we had 26 cases in the past 21 days. This week, there were 57 cases in 21 days.

COVID is spreading faster here than in any other community in Toronto.

The number of new cases. From the city.
This maps shows the rate of new cases by population. From the city.

All the new cases have occurred outside healthcare facilities.

The disease continues to hit minority communities and poorer communities hardest.

From TPH
From TPH

You can explore the city data on their website.

Fundraiser for family of murdered man

The family of Hanan Mohamed, the widow of the man murdered in Weston this week, is raising money to cover her “ongoing bills, funeral costs and care for her infant who is still requiring extra care.”

She is a hardworking, smart and quick witted young woman who was a happy wife and new mom. She recently gave birth to multiples but was only able to bring one home from the NICU just a few days ago.

As she and her husband prepared to go for their first well baby checkup at the hospital, her husband was brutally gunned down in broad daylight. By the grace of God, she and her baby are ok. We are keeping her and her late husband in our prayers.

More than $87,000 has been raised so far.

More details on murdered man

The police have released more details on the man murdered this week on Patika Avenue. He was Hamdi Zakarie, 27. He appears to have ambushed by the murderers, who “had been in the area some time prior waiting for Hamdi Zakarie to exit his house.”

Zakarie had just placed his newborn baby in the car seat when he was shot.

The police have been collecting video from the neighbourhood.