Weston Memorial seeking donations for garage sale

Weston Memorial Public School will be raising money at the 24th annual Queens Drive street sale, on June 11.

Brigitte, who now runs WelcomeToWeston.ca, will be selling donations on behalf of the school.

If you would like to donate some items, you can email her at [email protected]. All the proceeds will go to the school.

More models in Weston

Yes, Weston could use a decent coffee shop. And yes, Weston could use a few more good jobs.

But you simply can’t say that Weston doesn’t have enough supermodels. We have plenty of supermodels. We have more supermodels per coffee shop than just about anywhere else in the world. Our supermodel-to-good-job ratio is just nuts. Through the roof.

This week, actress and former model Amy Smart is shooting a movie in Weston, on Church St. Last week, actress and former model Maggie Q kicked butt on William.

Smart is shooting a ‘telefilm’ (I believe we once called these made-for-TV movies) called “The 12 Dates of Christmas”. It is, if I understand the nuances of the plot correctly, Groundhog Day meets Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Amy Smart

The people have spoken

The results are in. My readers are overwhelmingly in favour of hiring a local student to write for WestonWeb.

But how much to pay? Many people thought that I should get a volunteer or intern. I’m flattered, but I honestly don’t think I have much to teach. Interns and volunteers need practical or moral instruction. I’m not professionally qualified for the former, and I’m manifestly unqualified for the latter.

So, I shall pay. The starting wage will be $20 a post, a reasonable wage according to most of you.

Raising the money is the most difficult thing of all. Raising it by donation was the most popular response. Advertising was the second. As your humble servant, I shall heed your advice, and start with a plea for, well, your money. About which more anon.

Is hiring a student a good idea?
How should I pay for it
How much should I pay?

Your feedback required

I’d like to hire a student to write one post a week. I figure this would cost between $20 and $50, which is, frankly, more than I can really afford.

I don’t make any money off the site. I don’t want to. But I don’t want to lose (any more) money either. So I’d like to know what you think I should do.

I’ve made a survey here. It should take you less than a minute.

Your help is important. I promise I won’t collect any information about you. I won’t ask you for money. I won’t do anything except read your answers. No catches.

The survey.