Fire at 2240 Weston Road

A fire broke out in the parking garage of 2240 Weston Road last night. Nobody was injured in the blaze, but the first few floors of the building had to be evacuated, according to CP24.

There may be no relation at all, but a reader reports that there were two bright blue electrical flashes and a brief power outage last night in the area of Wendell and the 401. The fire was reported at around 2 am, and the power outage occurred at around 1:30.

Thanks to the tipsters.

Why I’ll vote for Ferreira

I really like the Provincial Liberals, and I really like Dalton McGuinty: Ontario has done very well while much of North America has wilted; our public schools are prospering; we have forward-thinking policies about the green power and green space. Yes, the Liberals tried to ram the ARL through our neighbourhood, but, on balance, I think they have been very good for Ontario.

But I’m voting NDP. I’m voting for Paul Ferreira.

It’s not because I like the NDP. I think many of their policies are populist nonsense—and sometimes worse than nonsense. Gas taxes shouldn’t be lower; they should be higher. The planet is warming. Hydro bills shouldn’t be lower; they should be higher until we make a transition to low-carbon generation. Public sector CEO salaries should’t be capped; meddling in the wage market is a bad idea. I could go on.

I still think Paul Ferreira is probably the best person for the job.

When I call Paul Ferreira, he calls me back. When I send him an email, he sends one back. Himself. Usually within minutes. It might be because I write WestonWeb, and it might be that he treats others differently, but I doubt it.

Our politicians must be willing to engage. I don’t want my MPP to agree with me every time; I want her to listen to me. I want her to lead based on the best interests of our community and to do the right thing. Paul Ferreira, though I am sure I will often disagree with him, will engage with his constituents. I admire that.

Paul Ferreira also shows up. Albanese skipped a very important debate only two days before the election. This is shocking. Debates are where candidates’ ideas are presented and tested. Albanese was unwilling to discuss and test her ideas in the most public forum of the whole campaign. This is unacceptable.

Guy Bethell, her campaign manager, said that Albanese skipped the debate because Ferreira didn’t debate in good faith at the LEF. Indeed, that debate was ugly. The divisiveness and rancour was deplorable—and I was there: Albanese’s camp was at least as responsible as Ferreira’s.

Instead of skipping out, though, Albanese should have attended and taken the high ground. She should have shown leadership and character—the qualities she wants to be hired for.

There is a reason to not vote for Ferreira: if, as seems likely, the NDP doesn’t win the election, our MPP will have a less significant voice in the House. Albanese, however, had a voice and had the ear of the ruling party, but she couldn’t use it to get things done. Even her political opponents were sympathetic. Cheri DiNovo, a prominent NDPer, said,

“I have to say that if the McGuinty government really valued the seats in York South–Weston and Davenport enough, if they really valued their members from those ridings, then they would also step up and make these promises.”

Frank Klees, a Conservative, said of Albanese,

“The honourable member is not supported by her government. She is not supported by the Minister of Transportation. She is not supported by her colleagues.”

Faced, then, with a choice between a party and a person, I will be voting for the person: Paul Ferreira.





Albanese skips debate

Laura Albanese, the Liberal candidate, did not attend tonight’s televised all-candidates debate.

This is a startling turn in a very close race. Albanese also did not attend a debate earlier in the campaign. Tonight’s, however, is the only televised debate, and the only time many or most of her constituents will see the candidates outline their platforms and face criticism.

More New Playground Equipment

Another Weston park has received some new playground equipment. Earlier this summer, Rosemount Gardens Parkette got a swing set, slide and ride-on toy. According to Frances Nunziata’s office, some of this equipment was gifted to the community from the city. There had been a request to put a swing set in the park and apparently there was some unused equipment in storage so they decided to install it at Rosemount Gardens. Some of you might be wondering where exactly this park is located; it is right at the bend where Queenslea Avenue and Yelland Street meet. This land has been empty for years; it recently had a large number of young trees planted on the hill near the train tracks. Before the trees were planted, local residents often used the hill during the winter for tobogganing.

As of now, there are no plans to fence off the area. I am curious, for those of you who are familiar with the park, do you feel there should be some sort of fence?


Frontlines Needs Your Help

Frontlines is running an introduction to digital photography course for students aged 10 and older.  These one-week sessions take place in July and August. Frontlines needs help in acquiring digital cameras and related equipment that can be used when students are learning to compose and download images. If you are able to help, please call Program Manager Denise Gillard at Frontlines: 416-244-7017.


The Dog Days of Summer

Summertime is traditionally a period of slow news when legislatures close and politicians return home to their families and spend some time out of the public eye. Naturally this can lead to very some dull fare for political junkies as the media tries to pass off trivia as real news. Here at WestonWeb, it’s hard not to shamelessly and cravenly follow this tradition ourselves. In fact we have a ‘Weird and Wacky’ news category for precisely when news slows down and the dog days of summer arrive.

You, dear Reader can help us in one of two ways by either sending us tips on stories that are newsworthy or by contributing your own ‘Weird and Wacky’ story ideas. Either way we win.