Professor says Weston could get ‘subway’

Professor Andre Sorensen of the University of Toronto has a great editorial in today’s Star.

The ideal location to create [a new subway-lite] is to combine the Union-Pearson express with the proposed relief line. Such a line could run on the UPX tracks from the airport to Weston, Dundas West and Union Station, and then the Lakeshore GO tracks to Main Street station on the Danforth. A combination of an airport express that only stopped at those five stops with a local service that stopped at local stations along the line would be much better than either of the options currently being studied, and would dramatically increase the line’s ridership….


[Fast] access to the city centre and the airport, a subway-quality transit service along this corridor would create an attractive location for both office and housing development. Crucially, with the region’s two major employment nodes served by the line, it could be expected to attract a significant number of commuter trips. Local stations between Union and Pearson would provide huge opportunities for transit-oriented development.


Transit pundit has a go at DRL ARL UPX

The influential and brilliant transit blogger Steve Munro has had a crack at the barely-floated, barely-there idea to use the Metrolinx ARL line as part of a subway-lite. Karen Stintz and Ana Bailão have asked the TTC to sit down with Metrolinx and study their idea.

Munro’s analysis is, as always, deep. His conclusion, in my words: maybe in the west end.

There are many sticky issues, but the most pressing, it seems, is space: there is not enough capacity on the tracks, what, with the UP Express running every 15 minutes and all that.