Prehistoria Museum is so cool

Mount Dennis has the coolest museum in Toronto. InsideToronto profiled them this week.

Prehistoria is a museum devoted to weird and wonderful artifacts from around the world, and its sister store sells many of them, including  cave bear molars, beaver teeth, and human bones and brains. If you’ve ever wanted to own an “overmodelled human skull from the Iatmul peoples of the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea”, you may only get one chance.

Prehistoria is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from noon until 6 at 1193 Weston Road.


Interesting Fact

From City of Glendale California.

There are plans to put a leash free dog zone in or near Woolner Park. Construction will start in July according to Councillor Nunziata. Apparently dog license fees help pay for such structures.

Number of people in Ward 11 (2011 census): 62,385.

Number of dogs currently licensed in Ward 11: 1205.

Let’s hope all those using the new zone have licensed their dogs.

Nunziata apologizes to Mammoliti

Our councillor Frances Nunziata occupies the speaker’s chair during council meetings. It’s a lot of work. Things sometimes get testy and having to deal with the effervescent streams of consciousness mouthed by neighbouring councillor Giorgio Mammoliti is no easy task.

Last week the two had an exchange and the result is interesting. Watch Ms. Nunziata call out Mammo and tell him to keep his mouth shut. After some reflection, kindred spirit, Councillor Jim Karygiannis then leaps to Mammoliti’s defence.

After that, watch Mayor Tory coach Councillor Nunziata into an apology. It takes some persistence on his part but eventually the mayor’s lip synching gets through and a grudging apology is issued.

Watch the sorry spectacle unfold here.


Wild turkey in the wild!

Jennifer Arnott spotted something crazy: a wild turkey in Mount Dennis.

Wild turkeys were once extinct in Ontario but were reintroduced in 1984. Now there are tens of thousands of them. Arnott spotted this one on April 2, near Lambton Avenue.

Wild Turkey!
From Jennifer Arnott’s FB album

Click through to see the whole album. Amazing!

Today in Weston

You’ve seen slow TV? I have slow news. A beaver looks to be chewing down a very large tree right near the playground in Lions Park.

Also, crocuses are blooming.

That is all.

Pantless man arrested

12 Division police arrested a 19-year-old pantless, shoeless man on Monday at about 12:30 in morning. He was arrested in the Jane and Queens Drive area by the canine unit.

My life is very dull. But it could be worse.