Mystery noise last night wakes residents.


In the early morning hours of last night, Weston and Greater Weston™ residents woke up to an ominous rhythmic thumping. I dutifully trotted down to check on the dishwasher which turned out to be humming away quietly.

Next, I poked my head out the back and then the front to discover the noise was external and sounded something like a pile driver. Apparently many in Weston heard the noise and talked about it on FaceBook; someone as far away as Royal York and Dixon heard it.

Can anyone shine a light on this and will it be a regular occurrence?

Update: still no news about the banging but this afternoon, loud music seemingly from the Hickory Tree and Bellevue area was playing for hours. I phoned the non-emergency police line and was told that the police no longer deal with noise complaints and to phone 311.

The operator at 311 needed an address and said that a by-law officer would investigate within five days if I could provide one (which I couldn’t as the noise is coming from several hundred metres away).

Toronto’s austerity years continue.

Development plans for Weston and Lawrence announced

Builders have announced development plans for the area of Weston and Lawrence. Responding to community concerns about yet another high-rise in Weston, they have said that they will be building their ‘tower’ underground in an innovative plan they are calling “basement dwelling”.

In a meeting late last year, residents expressed concerns that the site would contain too many rental apartments too close to transit, which could cause falling rents. There were also concerns that the site would draw more visitors to Weston, leading to changes on the main street.

In an admirable response to the community, Dingleberry Developers have promised that the the  13-storey inverted rental tower will have ample above-grade parking in a 4-level parking garage, but no residents above ground.

The building is expected to connect to the to-be-buried UPX stop, announced by Premier Ford, when the station is complete in 2050.

Open for business

Premier Doug Ford has returned from Florida with some new inspiration provided by Canada’s ‘11th province’. Doug seems to take his cultural lead from either Chicago where Deco Labels has a branch plant, or his Florida compound (Mar a Fordo?). According to rumours, the premier wants to truly make his mark on Ontario by re-jigging our licence plate motto. Some of us oldies can remember when it was ‘KEEP IT BEAUTIFUL’ and then the current, ‘YOURS TO DISCOVER’. Hell, I can even remember when we had to change the damned plates every year – everybody at the same time, front and back – in the middle of winter! Imagine the line-up at the liquor store on Christmas Eve – changing plates was similar, except people had to line-up outside and there was no booze at the end.

The trial balloon floated on Friday indicates that Mr. Ford is keen to change the slogan to a more capitalist, ‘OPEN FOR BUSINESS’. He also wants to get rid of that pesky front licence plate (just like Florida). One immediate benefit will be to give parking officers a little more in the way of exercise.

Perhaps readers can help Mr Ford come up with a better and more creative slogan for our car’s er, plate. Kindly place your suggestions in the comments section here, or on Facebook. Remember to keep it beautiful clean.

Bitcoin in Weston

When Joe Kennedy—yes, that kind of Kennedy—heard stock tips from his shoe-shine boy, he sold all of his stocks. Kennedy figured that if shoe-shine boys were piling in the market, the smart money should get out.

And he was the smart money. The crash that followed would have wiped him out.

If the reasoning still holds, I think it’s time to unload your crytpocurrencies—because you can now buy them at a 24-hour laundromat in Weston.

The Sky Light Laundromat, beside Pizza Nova, has a crypto-ATM near the entrance, though it was a little hard to reach, tucked as it was behind some laundry carts, when I was there last night a little after midnight. Perhaps the lateness of my visit allowed me to beat the rush: there was no line-up to use the machine.


The ATM sells Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and, of course, Bitcoin. The fees are between $1 and $5, plus about 10% in currency conversion fees.



Nunziata protests unaffordable housing.

From CTV.

Councillor Frances Nunziata joined an ACORN protest march along Weston Road yesterday protesting against the high cost of housing in Weston. If only she could get the local councillor and the Mayor to do something.

For more, see this CTV news report. The item begins at 09:40.