Cellphone ban working

The ban on stolen cellphones, which was born in Weston, has succeeded, according to an article in The Star.

Kugan says he only buys used phones from a trusted wholesaler and turns away at least five customers a day who want phones unlocked.

“I don’t unlock them. I tell them go to the web site,” says Kugan, referring to protectyourdata.ca, the CWTA website that allows users to check up to two IMEI numbers a day against the list. “They don’t come back.”

Frances Nunziata and Mike Sullivan pushed for a national database of stolen phones because young people in Weston were being mugged, often after school. Stolen phones cannot be reactivated, and are therefore much less valuable.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Actually this was born at Chaminade and Sullivan was late to the party. Laura and Frances were the ones that did the legwork with the students and staff there.

  2. Nunziata and Albanese were there for the photos, as usual. But they did not start or move the process along with anything like legwork.

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